Zaxby’s definitely brings back the Hit menu item

Zaxby’s recently gave one of its popular limited items a permanent place on the menu. Fan-favorite fried pickles will now be available for as long as Zaxby’s is around, the chicken restaurant chain announced last week. Fried pickles were available last year, but only for a short time.

Fried pickles are slices of dill pickles, sprinkled with a cornmeal batter and fried until golden brown. Each order comes with a ranch dipping sauce. You can get an order as a snack or as a side with your favorite Zaxby sandwich. They are available at Zaxby’s restaurants nationwide. Fans of fried pickles can also prepare them at home using The pioneer womanrecipe.

(Photo: Zaxby’s)

“Fried pickles are a Southern staple that’s having a moment,” Stephanie Gamble, vice president of menu innovation at Zaxby’s, said in a statement. “Our customers have always loved Zaxby’s crispy cornmeal dusted version paired with our creamy, fresh ranch dressing. It’s the perfect summer snack, and now we’ll have it all year round.”

Zaxby’s has made other recent changes to the menu. In April, the company made its new Signature Sandwich a permanent menu item after winning Thrillist‘s Best Fried Chicken Sandwich Award for the second consecutive year. The signature sandwich features hand-breaded chicken tenderloin with thickly sliced ​​pickles served on a potato bun with Zax or Spicy Zax sauce.

In March, Zaxby’s launched the Signature Club Sandwich to replace Zaxby’s Club Sandwich. The Signature Club offers everything in the basic Signature Sandwich but adds two slices of bacon and American cheese. Zaxby’s also introduced the new Fruity Fizzy Punch drink, which mixes Minute Maid Fruit Punch, Sprite and a hint of lime.

“With the launch of our new Signature Club Sandwich, we’ve created our own signature club remix of the Signature Sandwich and taken it up a notch,” Zaxby CMO Joel Bulger said in a statement. “Knowing our ‘fanz’, we’re giving them something extra to rave about and telling them a well-kept secret. Our signature sandwich is officially here to stay as a permanent menu item.”

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