Which Seattle restaurants are closed due to the heat?


As the mercury hit triple digits this week, much of the Seattle food scene has moved to suspend service or reduce hours for safety reasons. On Monday June 28, the thermal crisis continued, with another record day in terms of temperature in the region. As such, many restaurants, bars and cafes have decided to stay closed (or temporarily close if they weren’t already). With many poorly equipped cooling units, serving food in oppressive conditions just wasn’t an option, and even those with air conditioning decided to play it safe.

Below is a list of restaurants that are fully closed on June 28 (excluding those that typically have no service on Mondays), which will be updated if the closures continue throughout the week. If you spot any that should be added, drop us a tip.

Boulard Pizza Company
Artisanal cheese from Beecher
Carmelo Tacos – Hillcrest Market
Taste of Chengdu
Cupcake Royale – Downtown location; all others closed at 2 p.m.
Dick’s – Broadway location
Hot cakes
How to cook a wolf
Soul of the Island
Lil Woody’s – all locations
Linda’s Tavern
Marinade – all locations
Meet the moon
Molly Moon’s – all locations except the flagship in Bellevue
Oddfellows Café and Bar
Pagliacci Pizza – all locations
Pablo and Pablo
Violet – both locations
Rachel’s Ginger Beer – all except U Village location
To delight
Super 6
Trophy Cupcakes – Wallingford and Queen Anne
The cities
The walrus and the carpenter
The whale wins
To the west

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