Where to find all the manuscript pages in Episode 5 of Alan Wake Remastered


If you play Alan wake, you’re probably going to want to collect as many handwritten pages as possible. They’re all taken from the book Alan writes during his power outage after his wife Alice was kidnapped. Follow this guide to find out in detail how to get all guides from the fifth episode of the game, The Clicker.

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This is a long episode divided into two distinct parts. It’s pretty easy to get past a few, so use this guide and make sure you collect them all before you reach a point of no return. There are only 12 here in easy and normal mode, so some of them are pretty spread out, considering the length of the episode.

The first two pages are directly in front of you

alan wake first manuscript episode 5

Right after the first cutscene, exit the cell and there is two pages where Nightingale was caught by the Dark Presence.

Inside the restaurant

alan wake second manuscript episode 5 at dinner

Once outside, walk down the road until the deer parade float passes in front of you. Go left and at the end of the road is the restaurant on your left. The page is inside the restaurant at the very back by the bathrooms. Once you head down the hall, look to the left.

In town hall

alan wake episode 5 manuscript in town hall

Once you arrive at the town hall where you must find the keys to the helicopter, the page is near the podium in front of which you are walking.

In the bookstore

Alan Wake Bookstore Manuscript Episode 5

Once at the bookstore, the page is clearly visible on the counter through the door at the back of the room.

In front of the church

alan wake manuscript in truck episode 5

Once at the church, before entering inside, go to the right side of the street to see a yellow moving truck. The manuscript is inside the van.

Inside the church

alan wake handwritten podium page episode 5

Once inside the church, you can find the page on the podium across the room.

After finding Barry

Alan Wake handwritten page on picnic table

Once you find Barry, continue along the main path until you start to climb a hill. The page is halfway up this path and you will see the manuscript page on a picnic table.

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After falling from the helicopter

alan wake electric wire manuscript

This one appears shortly after Alan falls from the helicopter. Keep playing until you reach a courtyard of transformers. You will see this page behind the electric wires, but you need to go a little further ahead and around to actually pick it up. Make sure you get it before you leave the area and go too far.

On the red chair

Alan Wake manuscript on red chair

Still in the same area, you will see a blue elevator. Call it out from the front, then use it to get to the top of the container where the manuscript page is waiting on a chair.

After jumping out of the water pipe

Alan Wake manuscript after Cynthia Weaver cutscene

Play until after the cutscene where Cynthia and Alan walk through the pipe. After Alan jumps up and you regain control, look left to see the manuscript page.

After Barry and the Sheriff leave Alan again

alan wake manuscript last page episode 5

Once Barry and the Sheriff enter the dam and Alan is left alone again, he is attacked by large spools of thread. The last page of the manuscript is correct passed the broken door on a rock.

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