West Bath to weigh rule change allowing restaurants and flea markets in business park

West Bath will hold a special town meeting on Thursday where residents will be asked to approve rule changes regarding the types of businesses that can be developed in the Wing Farm Park area.

The proposed changes would allow restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating and live music, as well as indoor and outdoor flea markets at Wing Farm Business Park, which is north of Route 1 near Morse High School. This part of town was initially set aside for industrial use, according to West Bath Planning Board chair Darlene Estabrooke, but never developed.

The amendments would also allow the area to be used for “beverage manufacturing and bottling” and “for-profit indoor and outdoor sports facilities”, according to the city assembly’s mandate.

These proposed changes come from Derek Dudzic, owner of Wing Farm Park, who approached the planning council with ideas for developing the now unused area, West Bath City Clerk Karly Perry said.

“He had come to the planning council before to talk about opening a brewery and potentially a restaurant there, but currently restaurants are not allowed,” Perry said. “West Bath is always looking to generate revenue and create new businesses in town.”

Dudzic did not return requests for comment on Monday.

At a December 14, 2021 planning board meeting, Dudzic said he was interested in adding a brewery that offers live entertainment to the area.

If the changes are embraced by residents, the area will be the only part of town where indoor and outdoor flea markets could open and restaurants are allowed to host live music performances. Estabrooke pointed out, however, that allowing live entertainment on the property would not mean a concert stadium or theater would be built in the area.

“I think it’s a good thing to have new businesses in town, but I think we have to be careful where we put things so they don’t disturb residents,” Estabrooke said. . “I’m glad something can get into it.”

Other minor changes to town rules proposed at the meeting are “leftovers from previous town meetings that could not be mandated, and some are based on drafting at council’s request. planning,” Perry said.

A full copy of the town’s meeting mandate can be found on West Bath’s website.

The special town meeting will start at 5.30pm Thursday at the West Bath fire station. A board meeting will follow.

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