Was Prunedale restaurant owner George “Smitty” killed for buried treasure? – KION546

PRUNEDALE, Calif. (KION) – In 1991, Smith’s Restaurant was a family restaurant in Prunedale that required reservations to sit down and eat.

People who remember eating at the establishment, located just off the freeway, say it was a “wonderful” family business.

“I remember this restaurant because of the family that owned it. There were steak and lobster dinners. If you made a reservation for that night, the table was yours all night,” said Kathy Forgnone.

Owner George Smith and his stepmother were brutally murdered on Veterans Day 1991. On that day in November, someone cut the screen off the door of their house/restaurant, according to George Smith’s stepdaughter , JoAnn Holland.

“Smitty was sitting at his desk, the murderer approached him from behind and slit his throat. My stepfather never had the opportunity to react. written testimony with Citizens Against Homicide.

In that same testimony released in June 2020, Holland said she and her family wanted daily updates and news that justice would be served.

“We pray that the Sheriff will resubmit evidence for DNA testing and use all necessary resources to solve this crime,” Holland pleaded.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office said no arrests were ever made and they were looking for leads.

The family believes the killer knew the layout of the house.

For years, neighbors said the killer was looking for gold coins and two-dollar bills.

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