Valentino Rossi’s new yacht is the perfect Glam lifestyle toy, a crossover for the sea

At just 42 years old, the Italian champion is acclaimed as one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time, he has been officially inducted into the MotoGP Hall of Fame as a legend, his fortune is estimated at nearly 200 million dollars (150 million pounds), and he starts a family with his girlfriend Francesca Sofia Novello (a lingerie model, of course).

After the moving farewell to the Valencia Grand Prix in August, which brought tears to the eyes of people around the world, what better way for the Doctor to launch his “glamorous retirement, than sailing on her brand new yacht with Francesca? The sports superstar also knows a thing or two about luxury yachts, having owned two before, before the latest Sanlorenzo SX88, named Titilla III.

Most likely, this one will always have a special place in the Doctor’s heart, as a yacht born in the year of her glorious retirement, marking both an end and a new start that promises to be just as brilliant.

The new toy was officially launched in March, in a low-key ceremony at the Sanlorenzo shipyard in Ameglia, La Spezia, which Rossi has been spilled also attended, via video. In May, the customized yacht was delivered to its famous owner, ready to sail to the most exotic destinations. The 88-foot (27-meter) vessel was part of the luxury brand’s premium SX range which combines a “revolutionary”Architecture with the most exquisite interiors.

One of the world’s most prestigious yacht builders, with a history stretching back to the 1950s, Sanlorenzo is known to build only a limited number of units per year, each tailored to the owner’s precise expectations. Yachts in the SX line are primarily made of composite (a mixture of fiberglass, carbon fiber and resins), which makes them lightweight but extremely durable. Just like luxury cars, each of these yachts is born from refined craftsmanship, including the manual application of the composite material into the mold, layer by layer.

Rossi’s new yacht is the mid-size model in the range, with the most harmonious silhouette, both long and slender. Aimed at a racing champion, this model was presented as a “crossing for the sea, mainly because of its innovative and versatile design. The wheelhouse has been moved from the main deck to the flying deck, to allow for a very large open living space.

The upper deck has a sliding panel system so that it can either become an intimate, air-conditioned salon or simply left open, to provide direct contact with the water, on three sides. Plus, the versatile furniture can be tucked away or transformed into something else, so the flying bridge can easily move from a dining room to a living room or terrace for sunbathing at any time. The back deck area is just as flexible, moving from a 30m² / 323sq.ft beach club to generous space for dinghies and water toys that the legendary racing champion is sure to appreciate.

Second, this crusader vessel is also capable of reaching remote areas and performing longer cruises, thanks to her three 800-HP Volvo IPS 1050 engines and 2,456 gallon (9,300 liter) fuel tank. While not as fast as other sports yachts, the SX88 can still reach a top speed of 23 knots (26.4 mph / 42.5 km / h).

Sadly, Sanlorenzo did not disclose the custom modifications required by Rossi, but it was rumored that they were sophisticated enough to double the value of the luxury yacht, taking it to $ 5 million (4.5 million euros). ) over $ 10 million ((€ 9 million.) This information has not been confirmed, but even the base price is breathtaking.

Various types of marble, precious woods, leather and brass are an integral part of the interior of the SX88. Although Rossi’s version remained behind the curtains, one can admire the lavish interior design of the standard yacht model, which comes in three versions.

One, designed by architect Piero Lissoni, displays unusually large windows and living spaces, contemporary artistic accents, and upscale amenities. Another features a large kitchen with glass panels, ultra-stylish cabins and an impressive master bathroom, covered in marble. The third combines versatile pieces, such as a console that turns into a dining table, with precious accents in dark tones.

Whether Rossi prefers to travel only with his girlfriend and future child, or to invite up to six other guests, many happy moments are to be expected aboard his latest Titilla, an Italian gem for an Italian legend.

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