Tucson restaurants close for summer 2022

Summer holidays are not just for students

While warmer days in the summer mean “ramp-up time” for restaurants in many cities, people in the industry here in Tucson are used to the opposite. As students and snowbirds go on sabbaticals, many restaurant owners have become accustomed to following suit, closing shop for days to months.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels

Whether it’s giving their teams time to freshen up or using the weather to freshen up their space, we thought it would be great to spread the word to those we know and invite you to use their summer vacation as an extra excuse to try something new.

Keep in mind that some of these dates are subject to change.

Cafe Past

415 N. 4th Ave.

The Café Passe team beckoned us “so long” for the summer. With plans to improve the kitchen and bar (hint hint?), we look forward to their return in the fall.

For more information, visit cafepassetucson.com.


77 W. Washington St.

There’s no exact date when the downtown store will open, but they plan to welcome noodle lovers in the fall. Fortunately, their other concept, Noodies, is here to hold you over until then.

Ceres is closed for the summer, but our partner restaurant @noodiestucson will stay open all summer with the homemade pastas and sauces you love and more. And, of course, rotating soft serve ice cream. Noodies is open Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Monday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Indoor and outdoor seating, fast and relaxed environment, and online ordering!

For more information, follow CERES on Instagram.

The crown | Café Avenue Meyer | nightjar

347 S. Meyer Avenue

The Coronet and sister locations, Meyer Avenue Café and Nightjar, will be closed for summer vacation from June 19 through July 8.

We will continue to provide our community with the very best in old fashioned food, drink, atmosphere and respite when
we reopen on Saturday July 9th!

For more information, visit coronettucson.com.

Coffee Mug

311 E. Congress St.

The Cup Café will be closed for renovations from 2 p.m. on Monday, July 4 to 7 a.m. on Sunday, July 10.

For more information, visit hotelcongress.com.

The Dutch restaurant and refuge

5340 E. Broadway Boulevard.

Le Dutch will be closed from Sunday July 3 to Wednesday July 13.

For more information, visit thedutchtucson.com.

food gallery

2522 E. Fort Lowell Rd.

Gallery of Food will be closed from Sunday July 3 to Wednesday July 20.

We know this seems a bit long but we’ve been working so hard lately and with this heat, phew!, it’s time for a nice siesta. Plus, it will rekindle our creativity as we have lots of fun things to come when we’re back in action.

For more information, visit galleryoffood.com.


2564 E. Grant Road.

Kingfisher will be closed from Sunday July 3 to Monday July 18. Stop by when they reopen to catch the second leg of their Down South menu, offered Tuesday, July 19 through Saturday, July 23.

For more information, visit kingfishertucson.com.

The appointment

3844 E. Fort Lowell Rd.

The Rendez-vous will close its doors for the month of August and will reopen on September 6.

For more information, visit rendezvoustucson.com.


400 N. Toole Ave.

The Maynards crew will take a short summer vacation starting Sunday, July 3. Go see them when they reopen on July 20.

For more information, visit hotelcongress.com.

Polish Cottage

4520 E. Broadway Boulevard.

Polish Cottage is currently closed for refurbishment until Monday 18th July.

For more information, visit polishcottageaz.com.

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