This elegant Thiruvaniyoor house built for Rs 10 lakh is quite special

Vijesh, from Thiruvaniyoor in Ernakulam district, is paraplegic after a spinal cord injury. He fell from a building which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Renowned design firm, Building Designers is winning accolades from all walks of life for building a 643 square foot home for Vijesh in his hometown. This house, named Muraleeravam, has two bedrooms and was completed with an affordable budget of Rs 10 lakh. The entire construction was completed in 90 days.

The elevation of the house features the traditional architectural style of Kerala. Meanwhile, the fabulous combination of dark brown and ivory adds a pop of color. Instead of cement concreting, a truss roof was installed and tiles are paved. The tiles have been paved to match the beautiful exteriors. The most amazing advantage of this house is that the paint does not fade for at least 15 years.

The entrance to the house faces east. In addition to the regular steps, a ramp was also built to enter the house. The steel railings of the ramp are sturdy and classy too. Engineer KV Muraleedharan made sure the house has many disability-friendly features that Vijesh could find useful. Ivory colored tiles were used on the floor in the sit out. Meanwhile, textured pillars are extremely attractive.

The entrance area has a single door, flanked by windows to let in the natural sunshine. This patio door looks elegant and fills interiors with golden sunlight. The main door opens into the living room and the dining room. A simple yet elegant sofa adorns the living room. In the meantime, a TV stand has been set up opposite. The round glass dining table has matching chairs. The washing area is right next to the dining table. One wall in the dining room has been accented with a dark pink hue, without plastering it on.

The drop ceiling sports the simple foliage design. This feature, in fact, helps to reduce the heat inside the house. The doors to both bedrooms are right in the center of the hall. The master bedroom is close to the living room. There is a three-paned window in this room. The en-suite bathroom walls have steel handles to suit Vijesh’s needs.

There are also enough windows in the other bedroom to provide incredible ventilation. The shared bathroom is close to this room. The kitchen is quaint and suits the needs of a small family. Tiles that have good adhesion were used in the kitchen. The yellow colored storage adds a perfect contrast here. The counter, meanwhile, was paved with black granite. A small three-paned window completes the kitchen.

The construction expenses of this house were entirely borne by the designers of the buildings. KV Muraleedharan said the company decided to help Vijesh after learning of his condition. Actor Bala handed over the key to the house to the family. The designers say they had sought Vijesh’s ideas and opinions when developing the plan to ensure his comfort and safety.

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