The restaurant’s brilliant response to the ‘toxic’ restaurant that staff moaned was a ‘wet lemon’ when they didn’t get what they wanted

A RESTAURANT manager gave the best answer to a “toxic” guest who complained that the staff were a “wet lemon” when not getting what they wanted.

The customer left a review claiming that the staff at Lorenzo’s Italian restaurant in Preston – which regularly receives rave reviews – were “rude, arrogant, totally cheated” after they “spoiled” their daughter’s 16th birthday surprise.


Staff at Lorenzo’s Italian restaurant in Preston hit back at customer claiming to be ‘arrogant’Credit: google maps

The reviewer, only known as “Kiptic” on Tripadvisor, wrote in November: “I booked this restaurant for my daughter’s 16th birthday and as everyone knows how difficult it is to organize this with spoiled surprise.

“As usual, we looked at different local restaurants that might be suitable for this. We decided to use what is called this family restaurant which would understand the importance of family morals and know what it is like to ‘organize such an event. How wrong I was. “

The angry customer claimed he had “called” Lorenzo to let him know he would drop a birthday cake before dinner and was told that “whoever brings a cake should wear a mask,” which , according to them, was “just enough”.

They continued, “Right before I booked I walked into the restaurant with the cake to meet the most arrogant senior citizen I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

“As soon as I opened the door I was faced with a wall of rudeness that told me I couldn’t bring the cake to the restaurant even though it had been pre-arranged.

“I told him it was arranged in advance… then I was told that they were doing me a favor even taking [the] cake that the Covid guidelines said it couldn’t be done. “

They claimed they were told they “should know the law of the land” before calling the member of staff they spoke to “a pompous and deceitful waiter” and another “wet lemon” waiter and called the restaurant a “shame on the community”.

The customer then went “by road” to another restaurant who “gladly accepted the cake and assured me that my daughter would have a good meal.”

They added: “They were flabbergasted by what I told them, but not surprised by it as it is well known that they think they are above everyone else in the region.

“Don’t use this restaurant, take your business to the other good places in the community. I will never step foot in that door again.”

But general manager Ruggero L left a wild response to the customer.

He wrote: “Your review shows the kind of person you are. Luckily, you won’t be coming back to the restaurant again, so we don’t have to deal with such a toxic person.

“Shame on the community? Like during lockdown when we baked hundreds of loaves of bread and handed them out for free? “

“You didn’t succeed, so you came to the internet trying to slander and harm a small business. Hope you are feeling better about it. Sincerely, Wet Lemon.”

The searing review was kind of for Lorenzo’s, which is in the top ten restaurants to eat in Preston, based on customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

With 4.5 stars in total, Lorenzo’s is known to provide an “exceptional experience” for customers, according to reviewers.

One customer, who visited two weeks ago, said: “Fantastic food with very friendly staff. Gem of a restaurant in Freckleton. Consistent experience after multiple visits, 10/10.”

Another said they had a “great evening meal” in October, adding: “We ate here on Friday night after a few appetizers at The Vestry. The food was excellent, we even had dessert !! The service !! was also very good. We’ll be back. “

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