The Day – Old Tyme’s, Philly’s unique to the Norwich food scene

We can all agree that any modestly sized town worthy of Sating The Appetite will have at the bare minimum some “fine dining” options, tasty ethnic choices, and representative fast food franchises.

What else is important? Well, in an area like ours, where a lot of communities are clustered together, it helps to have a few restaurants that people from all over the area say, “You have to go to (city X) because they have (Restaurants A and B).”

I especially feel the same about Olde Tymes Restaurant in Norwich and A Taste of Philadelphia in Philadelphia.

Olde Tyme’s family gathering place (see a recipe for what to cook on the WHAT page) is indeed reminiscent of the tenure days of yore. You can imagine the “My Three Sons” clan eating there, waving a few tables at the Cleavers from “Leave It to Beaver.” Excellent reliable home cooking with a few surprises, wonderful pies, tourist knick-knacks and a curiously intriguing layout that reminds me (at least) of a kitchen under the deck of an explorer’s wooden ship crossing the sea.

Philly’s focuses on Philadelphia with its array of sublime cheesesteak options. The one time I was in Philadelphia my companions preferred veggies so I didn’t get an authentic cheesesteak. But the offering from this friendly Norwich spot is wonderful – so I don’t NEED Philadelphia. Thin wings and hoagies too.

Olde Tymes Restaurant, 360 W Main St., Norwich; 7am-2pm daily;, (860) 887-6865.

Philly’s A Taste of Philadelphia, 33 Sherman St., Norwich; 11.30am-7pm Mon-Thu, 11.30am-8pm Fri and Sat;, (860) 886-9449.

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