Start-up investor Andre O. Lewin launches digital menu platform for restaurant businesses


Andre O. Lewin, a passionate entrepreneur, announces the launch of Jamaica Menu, an innovative digital menu platform for restaurant businesses in Jamaica.

The launch of a digital menu platform by Andre O. Lewin will push the boundaries of Jamaica’s restaurant industry by strengthening engagement between businesses and their customers. This platform, Jamaica Menu, is designed to allow restaurants to connect with customers in different parts of Jamaica with relative ease, allowing them to digitally view their menu and make it as transparent as possible.

A menu for the connected world, at Jamaica Menu we are on a mission to ensure that restaurants can manage digital menus seamlessly, and also keep their customers happy in the process.», Declared André O. Lewin.

The global restaurant industry has continued to evolve over the years as more and more people search for delicious meals to give their taste buds the best possible experience. A recent report published by puts the size of the global full-service restaurant market at $ 1.2 trillion in 2020, with a projection that it will reach $ 1.7 trillion by 2027. Emergence Technology solutions has further driven the market as more businesses, as well as customers, go online to create an incredible feasting experience. Unfortunately, thousands of companies in the industry have yet to fully harness the technology to improve their operations. The case is not particularly different in Jamaica, where Andre O. Lewin aims to make a difference with the launch of Jamaica Menu.

Jamaica Menu allows customers to scan the QR menu of their favorite restaurants and easily navigate the easy-to-navigate menu. The move will undoubtedly challenge the status quo in the Jamaican restaurant industry, allowing patrons to enjoy incredible meals without a paper menu.

The launch of Jamaica Menu is particularly timely as the world seeks less physical contact by embracing digital solutions, especially amid the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

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