Sewer expansion at Huntington Station would revitalize housing and restaurants, officials say

For the first time in decades, residents of Huntington Station will be able to connect their homes to sewers.

The New York State Legislature has approved an additional investment of $22 million for sewer connections in neighborhoods near New York Avenue in Huntington.

The money is in addition to the $44 million Suffolk County and the City of Huntington agreed to spend on sewer expansions in December. Construction is expected to begin in early 2024.

State Senator Jim Gaughran helped secure the funds in the next state budget. He said it will help develop housing and protect the environment.

“This is an opportunity for this not only to improve the situation for homeowners, but also to protect the environment for everyone, by ensuring that nitrates will no longer potentially enter our drinking water in the region”, Gaughran said.

Improved sewage systems help replace old septic tanks and cesspools that contribute to nitrogen pollution of nearby waterways.

“It will be something that will be a major game-changer for people in the neighborhood and it will also be people who can say they can get rid of their cesspools and therefore clean up the environment,” Gaughran said.

Gaughran said the sewer expansion will also bring new opportunities for apartments, restaurants and bars in the business district, south of Huntington station.

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