Scott Patterson’s order at Luke’s Diner would include ‘another season of GG’

Scott Patterson is ready to grab his baseball cap and flannel for another season of Gilmore Girls. The I’m going all out The podcast host recently took to Twitter to slyly ask for more episodes of the mother-daughter series, leading many fans to speculate something is in the works. Here’s what Patterson said, plus what it would take for another Gilmore Girls revival actually happens.

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Scott Patterson asked for another season of ‘Gilmore Girls’ in a recent tweet

The Gilmore Girls revival chatter was revived on May 31 when Warner Bros TV tweeted a question for fans: “If you lived in Stars Hollow, what would your order from Luke be?”

Scott Patterson, who played Luke’s Diner owner Luke Danes in the original Gilmore Girls and those of Netflix Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, shared his response the next day. “Burger, fries, gallon of coffee…and another season of GG. You?” he wrote.

Many fans loved hearing Patterson’s contribution, but some were suspicious of the context of the tweet. The official Gilmore Girls Social media accounts have become surprisingly active in recent months, and Patterson’s hint of another season has only heightened suspicion. Are they all cooking up some big news?

“I feel like they secretly filmed a new season, tbh HAHA,” a fan replied.

“‘Another season of GG.‘Do you know something you want to share? » another user tweeted at Patterson.

Scott Patterson knows what he’d like to see in new episodes of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Scott Patterson will just be pushing for another season like many others. Gilmore Girls Fans. The actor said he wanted more Gilmore Girls since the first revival aired on Netflix in 2016. He even knows exactly what he would like to see: the “big, fat wedding” of Luke and Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham). The characters got married in the final episode of the revival, but it was leaked offscreen the night before the actual wedding.

“I think that’s what we should give [fans],” he said We Weekly in 2019. “I think now is the time to give them, after 20 years, what they want.”

Patterson went on to say that the wedding should be “filled with drama, filled with laughter, filled with, you know, Miss Patty [forgetting] the dancers, then they [would have] to replace them with small children or dogs. Something very cute and straight to the heart. A community that unites to make everything happen.

Could Another ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Happen? The Stars Must Align, According to Amy Sherman-Palladino

Patterson felt optimistic about more Gilmore Girls episodes, but is there really a chance for another revival? According to series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, it all comes down to the alignment of the stars. Talk to We Weekly in March, Sherman-Palladino said that many cast members had other projects to do at the moment. But if the time is right, they could all reunite again for another episode.

“I know it sounds like *** bulls at this point because I keep saying it, but it’s really all about timing,” she explained. “It is absolutely not out of place. The stars just haven’t aligned yet.

Unfortunately, there has been no word yet on another season of Gilmore Girls. For now, fans can watch Gilmore Girls Seasons 1 to 7 and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

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