Review: Crunchh American diner in Bewsey

A NEW black American kitchen has opened in Warrington – and we thought it would be rude not to try it.

Crunchh is a dark kitchen where orders can be enjoyed at the nearby Blu Bar or via delivery or collection.

And considering other American options across town, such as Café at the End of the Universe and Brothers Burgers, expectations are high.

Take a seat in the adjoining Blu Bar, it’s a classy bar in the heart of Bewsey which – as accessed from the rear of the Villagio Hotel – may not be as high profile as it should be .

With many options from burgers, steaks, sizzlers, subs and wraps, I asked the chef for his recommendation on what to try.

He offered a Philly cheesesteak sub – which I quickly agreed to try.

Out came a large crispy ciabatta sprinkled with garlic and filled with chunks of steak and melted cheese inside. It also came with well seasoned fries.

I was initially cautious as I’m not the biggest fan of melted cheese on a sandwich, but this only added flavor and was well proportioned.

The spice from the peppers and onions tickled the back of your throat too well.

The milkshake – the one to recommend

We also put the sweet side of the menu to the test, which offers options such as waffle cakes and milkshakes.

After going with a Kinder Bueno-inspired version of the latter, this was the perfect way to end.

If you fancy a bite to eat to go with your drinks – or a take-home meal – Crunchh is a solid option to try and adds to the array of tasty options for a taste of America in Warrington.

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