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Cane’s is a great specialist in branding and its name is engraved on all of its containers, cups, napkins and bags. The paper the sandwich was wrapped in said “is. 96 “and had fish graphics.

The fish on the chicken sandwich “symbolizes when Todd (Graves), our owner, went to Alaska to earn money to pay for Raising Cane’s,” store manager Madison said.

Samara Kalk Derby | Wisconsin State Journal

At first, that baffled me since the company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has a special focus on the chicken without fish on the menu.

But Enemuoh explained that the fish “symbolizes when Todd (Graves), our owner, went to Alaska to earn money to pay for Raising Cane. He worked on a steamboat and also fished for salmon in Alaska.

An article published this month in Nation’s Restaurant News explained how half of the company’s corporate team, or around 250 employees, including Graves, worked in stores in the first week of the business. October, to deal with staff shortages.

The company, he said, is trying to recruit 10,000 new workers in 50 days.

“It’s obviously a very difficult time, so it was a common idea that everyone volunteered to go out there and be recruiters, cooks and cashiers – whatever it takes,” said AJ Kumaran, co-CEO and COO of the company. .

System-wide, the company has 580 stores in 31 states and approximately 40,000 employees. It plans to open 35 more restaurants this year and up to 100 next year, the publication reported.

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