Restaurant News: It’s time to sample Seattle Restaurant Week’s lunch and dinner deals, until November 6

California roll at Sankai in downtown Edmonds.

Seattle Restaurant Week (SWR) is back this fall, until November 6.

Restaurants will offer special menus of $ 20 for lunches, $ 35 and / or $ 50 for dinners. Menu offerings may include take-out, deliveries or on-site dining.

Here’s a quick list of our area attendees – what meals are on offer, prices, and times for SRW specials Most dinners are Sunday through Thursday, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., but please see specific listings for hours and lunch hours too.

Anthony’s home port-Seafood: dinner ($ 35)
(Note that proof of COVID vaccination is required)

Bar-Dojo-Asian: dinner ($ 35)

The fire and the party-Italian: dinner ($ 35)

Marlet-Seafood: dinner (options $ 35 or $ 50) or breakfast ($ 20)

Salt and iron-Pacific Northwest: dinner ($ 50)

Sankai-Japanese: dinner ($ 35)

The attic-Mediterranean: dinner ($ 35)

The Potlatch Bistro-American: lunch ($ 20)

I love Seattle Restaurant Week. I’m always excited to see what our local restaurants can do to entice locals to dine. While I can’t complete touring each of our participating restaurants, I get as many likes as possible.

Right out of the gate on Sunday we had dinner at the SanKai. My husband and I are huge sushi fans so we couldn’t pass up an opportunity.

We were outside in the individual tent structures, where a small heater kept us warm despite the bad weather and wind on Sunday night. I ordered a hot pot of tea, in case I needed a hand warmer, a lovely green infusion in floral-jasmine tones.

Green tea in Sankai

The first course offered four different choices:

Corn kara-age: Fried corn topped with garlic soy glaze

Salmon Satsu

Salmon Men Chi Katsu: This menu item called me. It included breaded and chopped salmon patties and was served with a delicious spicy tartar sauce. So delicious that it was hard to keep my husband from slipping forks.

Shichimi Albacore

Shichimi Albacore: Seared crusted albacore tuna on a green papaya salad was served with a garlic ponzu.

Wafu Octopus Ceviche: Octopus with onion and peppers marinated in lemon and lime juice and a chili garlic sauce, also tempted … maybe it will be necessary to come back a second time?

The entry choices were even more difficult.

Vegetable tempura served with yuzu salt and a bowl of rice.

Sushi combination: My husband loves sushi so it was an easy choice. This combination offered a generous set of seven nigiri, plus a California roll. He even shared!

Salmon: A necklace of lightly salted and roasted salmon served with rice and miso soup was another option.

Chirashi bowl: He was also a candidate for the choice of entry. It offered eight pieces of sashimi, plus an egg omelet and vegetables on a bed of sushi rice. As I was hoping to hang on to my plate of honey, I opted for the beef …

Beef Gyudon

Gyudon: The thin slices of rib eye and onion were braised in a ginger soy sauce and served over a generous portion of steamed rice. The pepper garnish and pickles made each bite special.

Miso soup

The miso soup came first, and the hot broth prepared the taste buds for the ginger base for the main course.

It really matched the bill for my choice of entree.

Dessert was the easiest decision of the evening.

Coffee jelly? Nope! As much as we both love Mochi ice cream, you had to choose a flavor: Pumpkin? Passionfruit mango? Chocolate, vanilla or espresso? In the end, the round scoops filled with ice cream just didn’t compare to the description we saw next …

Opera cake: Layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, covered with ganache and coffee, French buttercream, then covered with chocolate icing. There were even tiny gold foil flakes on each slice, as well as choice berries.

Opera cake

We asked our server, “How big are these pieces of cake?” And were they shareable or not?

He gave us wise advice: “Each of you should have your own share.

I looked through the other menu offerings at Edmonds. Here are some highlights that I plan to take before November 6:

The Bar Dojo spread includes the Kobe burger with shiitake mushrooms. Originally created for the James Beard competition, the mixed shiitake mushroom burger isn’t always on the menu. This juicy burger sits on a toasted Macrina brioche bun, served with melt-in-the-mouth smoked gouda, sriracha mayonnaise, arugula, five-spice tomato jam, pickled red onions and fries.

The Bar Dojo also offers starters like coconut shrimp with a mustard seed, crispy coconut shavings on the outside, and a chiffonade of mint and sweet Thai chili sauce. How could I be wrong?

Dessert at Bar Dojo? My favorite of any meal and the SRW choices look delicious. Creme brulee with pumpkin and spices or maybe a Matcha flan with fresh berries? Even more intriguing: an ice cream made with red miso and topped with a sesame crunch? I am so there.

Chef Luis of Bar Dojo kindly posted a photo of all the dishes, even the desserts, on offer for Seattle Restaurant Week:

Seattle Restaurant Week offers at Bar Dojo.

Anthony’s Homeport improved his game a bit this time around as well.

A new addition to the start menu is called Tropical Nachos, made with Oregon shrimp, toasted macadamia nuts and a mango-pineapple salsa. It sounds like a tasty way to take the taste buds on a tropical vacation.

There is also a charcoal entrance Columbia River Rainbow drizzled with roasted apple butter with ginger. The fish rest on a basmati rice pilaf with almonds, accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

Desserts include small fire-roasted apples in a bread pudding with Makers Mark caramel sauce and candied pecans, all topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

– By Kathy Passage

A gourmet specialtyAs a food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has an in-depth knowledge of foods and the unique qualities of the ingredients used in the exquisite products she has helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique ‘other side of the plate’ perspective to writing on the food and dining scene in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

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