QuickCheck: Are the room service menu prices the same as the hotel restaurant?

AFTER a long flight, you might feel hungry but too tired to eat out, and you might think of calling room service.

Is it true that the dishes on the menu cost the same as in the hotel restaurants?



Well, you might want to think twice, as room service can be a pricey affair.

The truth is, room service menu prices are not the same as hotel restaurants. In fact, room service is more expensive.

According to the data-driven content platform Priceonomics, the price difference basically comes down to the separate additional charges included on the invoice.

These include service charges, delivery charges, and taxes in addition to the price of your food.

“Usually, a 15% service charge and an“ in-room meal ”charge ranging from US $ 5 to $ 12 (RM 21.08 to RM 50.60) will automatically be added to the bill. Add in the taxes, you’re suddenly looking at a $ 25 + (RM 105.41 +) sandwich, ”Priceonomics said.

Convenience also played a role in pricing for room service, says Gregor Hertz, Marketing Director of SuitePad.

“Room service is the epitome of hotel luxury. The novelty of being able to dine in your own room, lounging as you wish while being served by hotel staff appeals to many, and they are willing to pay for it. this, “Hertz wrote in an opinion piece.

He added that “the opportunity to live like a movie star” really appealed to people.

So, unless you’re on a movie star salary, you might want to think twice before calling room service.

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