Parking lot restaurant fights food waste and real Galway pesto

If emissions from global food waste were attributed to a single country, that country would take third place behind the United States and China as the largest emitter of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere with a staggering 3 , 3 billion tonnes each year, with some 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted in the world each year, a figure that must also be considered in light of the 870 million people who go hungry every day in the world. world. In Ireland we are no less guilty of wasting enough food to fill Croke Park to the brim twice and then come back a third time to fill it halfway again.

The truly superb FoodCloud began in 2012 when two young students, driven by the love of food and dismayed at food waste, Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien, first conceived the idea and have since led the ship as it has grown into an international organization reorienting potentially wasted food, connecting retailers with deserving charities and communities, using their technology platform to complement and improve the functioning of food banks, and establishing large storage centers and distribution to handle larger volumes.

FoodCloud has now launched an all-new six-part online content series All Taste, Zero Waste, a show pitting celebrity chefs against charity chefs, fighting to help the planet, as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the problem. climate food waste. In each episode, chefs create delicious dishes using surplus food generously donated by food industry partners, share tips and advice on how to reduce our food waste, and hear stories about the positive impact. that food waste can have on communities across Ireland. The chefs involved include Mark Moriarty, Jess Murphy, Donal Skehan, William Murray of Currabinny, Eric Matthews and Holly Dalton. The episodes are available on the site:

The best answer to tough times is to respond with creativity and innovation and the best practitioners in the hospitality industry usually have these qualities in spades. The menu recently wrote about chefs Niall Davidson and Hugh Higgins working with BCP Capital, to unveil their visionary rooftop restaurant Allta atop Dublin’s Trinity Car Park, which was almost immediately booked until the end of 2021. Soon after, the last part of this ambitious project, Glovebox, was launched.

Glovebox is an exciting and innovative new space on the upper flowers of a multi-storey car park in Dublin, offering food and drink as well as a range of social and cultural experiences.

Glovebox is a new cultural space for art, music, cocktails and great food that takes place upstairs under Aalta Winter House and will remain open at least until next May or June. In addition to offering visual arts, events, music and live DJs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there will be all kinds of creative meal choices (smoked Gubbeen fries; shoulder of lamb, potatoes crispy, crème fraîche; soft shell crab tempura with kimchi; lobster rolls) and equally imaginative drink options to wash it all down with. Over 25 Irish and international artists will be showcased at Glovebox, curated by artist / designer Ronan Dillon. Live events every Wednesday will feature orchestras and artist talks, and as the weather warms up in the spring, these will take place on the spacious open-air rooftop terrace. Glove box ticket prices (€ 20 per person) are redeemable for snacks and drinks.

  • for reservations and information @alltawinterhouse & @glovebox

After a hiatus triggered by a pandemic, the first Irish cooking competition for young professional chefs, Euro-Toques Young Chef of the Year, is back and there is still just over a week left for young chefs or other chefs , mentors and restaurateurs wishing to express an interest on behalf of a young chef, if he thinks he has what it takes. Open to young professional chefs, the old age limit of 26 has been raised this year to 28, to include those who have not been able to enter in the past two years due to Covid-19.

Participating chefs take part in several educational activities, producer tours and workshops that will support and guide them to the semi-finals and finals, which this year advance into June as opposed to the more usual finals in November.

  • To express an interest, [email protected] or or DM on social networks @eurotoquesirl.
  • More information:


Galmere Foods in Galway Increases All Its Basil Needs Year-Round at This LED-lit Vertical Farm
Galmere Foods in Galway Increases All Its Basil Needs Year-Round at This LED-lit Vertical Farm

Making basil pesto requires substantial amounts of basil and this has always been a tricky problem as much of the classic Genoese pesto uses basil heavily sprayed with herbicides and insecticides and The Menu generally likes to avoid anything that ends in “-cide”, especially if it goes into his body.

If we are to continue to produce food in the required volumes on a planet increasingly compromised by the impact of climate change and yet do so without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, then we will also need to study the potential of progressive new technology.

Galway-based Galmere Foods grows all the basil required for their own Irish pesto, using vertical grow towers and LED lighting technology, allowing them to produce sufficient amounts of weed, 12 months a year. . The finished product is not bad either, although the menu considers cheddar cheese, rapeseed and pomace oil to be superfluous to the classic recipe of EV olive oil, basil, pine nuts, garlic. and Parmigianno Reggiano, or Grana Padano as a substitute.

Returning from another grueling day at the academic pitface, The Progeny was more than happy to swallow it, mixed in a bowl of hot and steamy al dente fusilli with lots of extra butter for the pasta!

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