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OSHKOSH – If there’s one thing I’ve learned after six months of living here, it’s that our residents love good fried fish, and they all have opinions about the best.

After writing about the return of Sherman House Fish Fry in August, I was curious. So I asked our readers what they thought were the best fish fry in Oshkosh. The survey followed another earlier this year into Winnebago County’s best fish fry.

Our readers have spoken, and each time a name has appeared at the top of the list: The Roxy Supper Club.

“I eat a lot,” reader RJ Lang said. “The Roxy is the best, period.”

So on Friday I decided to try it for myself.

The place was bustling, an energetic air fluttered as friends gathered, couples had drinks, and families gathered for dinner. The main dining room and bar were full from what I could see when my boyfriend and I walked in around 7pm. I should have realized the popularity, but didn’t think about making a reservation and the earliest possible was 8:15 p.m.

(No worries, we headed to bar 430 for a drink and an aperitif to help us while we waited.)

The best thing about the Roxy, in my opinion, was either the ambiance or the service: we got home almost 25 minutes early, and they got us settled before 8pm. Our waitress was friendly and dinner was on the table within 10 minutes of our seating. our order. They have their system down, that’s for sure.

At a reader’s suggestion, I ordered the Regular Perch Dinner (although the fried shrimp and haddock are also highly recommended by readers).

The meal was accompanied by two dishes of tartar sauce – very chic – a coleslaw, a bun and mashed potatoes with garlic, which were the star of the show. They were piping hot and full of flavor without crossing the line to overpower the garlic – a thin line indeed.

The perch has withstood the test of a good fried fish: fragrant and fresh. The tartar sauce was a little creamy for my taste, but the flavor was excellent – “addictive” as one reader called it.

We chose to share a piece of carrot cake and I’m so glad we didn’t overlook dessert. The icing was creamy and the cake was chewy, with the perfect icing to cake ratio. A great way to top off what I’ve decided is a classic Oshkosh meal.

In our October reader survey, these great establishments also made the cut:

  • Parnell Square
  • Southside Ice Yacht Club
  • Deb’s free time
  • Wendt’s on the lake
  • Andy’s Pub and Grub
  • Sherman House
  • J’s food and spirits
  • Karmali bar and grill
  • Jeff is on rugby

The list is far from definitive, as the results of the February poll also place TJ’s Harbor Restaurant, Jansen’s Restaurant and the Hangar at the top of the list.

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Between these – and the many comments I see on the “You know you’re from Oshkosh when …” Facebook page – there is one thing I learned from all of this: There are plenty of good fry fish options in Oshkosh.

I guess I’ll be spending my Fridays for the foreseeable future trying them all.

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