One of Disney World’s most popular dining options is making a long-awaited return!

One of disney worldis the most loved and popular to eat options is finally making its long-awaited return after it disappeared during park closures in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The decision by Disney executives to close all Disney parks around the world was an unprecedented decision and one that left fans uneasy when they realized most of them were alive, for the first time. , in a world in which not a single Disney park was in operation. It was strange.

Magic Kingdom looked like a ghost town / Credit: @bioreconstruct

When The waltz disney Company first announced the closure of its theme parks, the general understanding and hope was that operations would resume approximately two weeks later.

Disneyland Park ceased normal operations after the park closed on March 13, 2020, and disney world and Disneyland Paris followed suit on March 15, 2020yet Walt disney World hotels As Contemporary Disney Hotel at magic kingdom To park and by Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge near the entrance of Animal Kingdomfor example, remained open until March 16.

Contemporary hotel at Disney

Credit: Becky Burkett/DisneyDining

No one could have imagined that the closure of disney world would last almost four consecutive months. And the shock set in when fans realized that Disneyland Park in California would not welcome visitors for more than 13 months.

When news from disney worldthe reopening has been published, fans were thrilled. But what would a pandemic be disney world experience be like? The waltz disney Company hastened to let us know: it would indeed be very different.

The reopening of the parks took place in phases. At first the parks were, in a word, empty.

Credit: Becky Burkett/DisneyDining

Credit: Becky Burkett/DisneyDining

When magic kingdom and by Disney Animal Kingdom reopened on July 11, 2020, it was to very small crowds of guests who were first temperature checked before entering.

temperature control signs

Credit: Becky Burkett/Disney Dining

Masks were to be worn at all times, whether guests were inside or outside the parks. EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studio opened for guests on July 15, and crowds remained small — and in some cases, almost non-existent. Social distancing was strictly enforced and handwashing stations dotted the arteries of the parks.

hand washing station

Credit: Becky Burkett/Disney Dining

Full compliance was mandatory.

But a lot of disney worldThe most cherished and beloved experiences of did not open when the doors of the four theme parks opened. When it came to to eat, disney world was like a completely different place.

To eat at the Walt disney World Seaside resort took on a whole new look and feel, and the changes were incredibly noticeable. Customers who have chosen to sit down for a meal at one of the open table services disney world Restaurants remembered the pandemic that followed everywhere they looked. On the tables, there were no menus, only a QR code that customers could scan with their smartphone and which directed them to an online version of the establishment’s menu.

qr code and wallet

(I don’t know why they had my name as “Eppie”) Credit: Becky Burkett/DisneyDining

But not at all disney world Restaurants have been reopened. Several to eat sites simply remained closed and unstaffed in the early stages of reopening. There was not disney character to eat whatever, although it was possible to see a favorite disney character passing in front of the table.

Guests could take photos, but masks had to be worn, and there was simply no cuddling allowed between guests and disney character friends. At EPCOT Garden barbecue, Chip ‘n’ Dale briefly stopped for photos at guest tables, but behind the half-walls of the restaurant. Just outside Garden Grill and down the escalator, Sunshine Seasons’ dining room was so empty that guests had a choice of almost every table.

Credit: Becky Burkett/DisneyDining

by Disney Akershus Royal Banqueting Hall in the Norway pavilion at EPCOT was used temporarily as a “relaxation station” at the start of the park’s reopening, meaning there was no disney princess waiting their turn to greet guests and lead the parade around the restaurant.

And perhaps one of the most missed experiences of all in the new reopening disney world Restaurants was the buffetway of serving breakfastlunch or having dinner. Although guests can still enjoy a Mickey waffle for breakfastit was not from buffet.

Credit: Disney

The buffet and “Supercalifragilistic Breakfast“hosted by Mary Poppinsthe mad hatter, alice in wonderland and winnie the pooh in 1900 Park rate inside of Greater Floridian Resort and spa was unavailable as the restaurant remains closed.

But even operating indoors disney world Restaurants As Beer Garden Restaurant inside the Germany pavilion at EPCOT – known for its abundant buffet delicious German dishes – resorted to a different way of doing things, like serving family style having dinner. Instead of walking to an overflow buffet from too much choice in German options, hearty dishes of schnitzel, sauerkraut, cold salads and Black Forest cakes were delivered to guest tables in no time.

Credit: Becky Burkett/DisneyDining

Yes, the beloved disney world sideboards had become a thing of the past. So far!

Whereas family style serving had become a way of life disney worldthere is now more of a return to the buffet style to eat. Currently, Cape May Coffee at Disney beach club Seaside resort, Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodgeand the crystal palace at magic kingdom have returned to a buffet. And so on, Hollywood and Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will follow.

There are, however, some places that offered buffet options before pandemic shutdowns continue to serve family style meal. These include Chief Mickey‘sat Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Tusker House at by Disney Animal Kingdom, Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resortand Trail’s End at Disney’s campsites Fort Desert Seaside resort.

Dining room

Credit: Disney

Customers planning a visit to the Walt disney World Seaside resort who want to live a unique experience to eat options can visit disney worldofficial website for the most up-to-date information on to eat locations and options.

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