Omaha area restaurants urge patrons to disguise themselves


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Restaurants and businesses in the Omaha area are once again asking customers to disguise themselves.

“Friendly customers who are more than willing to comply.”

A sign of the times at some businesses in the area is to wear a mask before entering.

Andrea Lawse owns Artemis Tea and Botanical near 40th & Farnam. She says the policy is in part due to the size of her store.

“We’re such a small space that having masks seems even more important to us because there aren’t a lot of different places for people to be six feet apart,” Lawse said.

Andrea says she is keeping an eye on the number of COVID cases in the Omaha metro and believes we all need to make a difference in the fight against the virus.

“Each person plays a role in this community and we all need to think of each other and work together and we will be healthier and more successful when we do.”

At Table Grace near the 16th & Farnam Matt Weber and his team get ready for the midday lunch crowd. They and the neighboring Block 16 recommend that customers mask themselves before entering.

Weber also examines the recent spread with more of a worldview approach.

“We tend to look at the country as a whole in terms of what communities do. I know I traveled to Illinois on vacation and masks were required pretty much everywhere you went, ”Weber said.

Employees are required to wear face masks at Table Grace to help them and their customers stay safe. Weber and Andrea Lawse want to keep their doors open during this latest wave of the pandemic.

For them, safety starts here.

“Our staff are double vaccinated or boosted and we all do our part to take care of each other and ourselves. “

6 News has checked the Modern Love restaurant in Midtown Crossing, they have closed their dining room but are planning to reopen it on Monday.

At this point, companies are free to decide whether or not they want to recommend masking to their customers, as there is no mandate.

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