Olympic Village restaurants have a unique approach to service at this year’s Games

There are human waiters in other restaurants and bars (like those in hotels) who greet Olympic athletes and guests to make sure everything goes smoothly, and Reuters says staff are outfitted head-to-toe in combinations of hazardous materials. And while waiters said they felt more protected when wearing the suits, attendees likened the look and feel of the hazmat suits and robots to “dystopian fiction.”

In November 2021, and before the launch of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, organizers told China Daily that they had prepared an international menu including classics like Beijing roast duck and moo shu pork, as well as vegetarian, halal and kosher options. for the Olympic Village. In total, the caterers were ready to serve up to 678 rotating dishes. Yan Han, catering services manager for the event, said Chinese dishes would make up 30 percent of the menu, while the rest would be Western food, including several types of pizza and spaghetti. An executive chef at the event also said he was asked to omit 48 common ingredients – from bell peppers to bay leaves – so doping tests wouldn’t come up with any false positives. The food selections had been pre-approved by the International Olympic Committee.

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