Oakland votes to require proof of vaccination in restaurants and businesses starting Feb. 1

The city of Oakland is set to become the latest city in California to require proof of a vaccine to enter restaurants and other similar establishments on Tuesday, leaving many owners worried about increased financial hardship.

The Vaccination Proof Ordinance, drafted by Councilman Dan Kalb, was introduced and passed last month. Under the ordinance, proof of vaccination will be required for restaurants, bars, cafes and other places where food and drink is served, as well as for theatres, concert halls, indoor entertainment venues, gymnasiums, senior citizen facilities and any large indoor event. .

“There are benefits here even though it will temporarily prevent someone from going to their favorite bar,” Kalb said earlier this month. “Everything is done very reasonably and logically. Common sense logic is really what will govern how this is implemented. The ordinance will remain in effect until the state of emergency in the city is lifted. The first time a restaurant owner or business or gym fails to comply, they will receive a warning letter. And after that, they will be subject to fines.

With the city council voting unanimously for the mandate and many businesses already complying ahead of Tuesday’s start date, Oakland business owners have widely expressed concern and contempt for the new ordinance. , as many believe it will hurt them financially. Orders in other evidence warrant areas, such as Los Angeles, have noted not only lost profits, but also numerous ways to circumvent these laws.

“We’re looking for restaurant owners in Berkeley, San Francisco, Concord, LA and other places where this is happening to see what we can do,” Oakland restaurant co-owner ‘Tyler’ said at Globe Monday. “We are finding many ways to barely change and allow everyone to enter legally, regardless of mandate status. I don’t want to name them, but the things other restaurants told us were pretty amazing and I suspect the law will be updated as soon as they start seeing more places adopting them.

“We are also afraid of losing business with unvaccinated people, as well as people outside who are much more likely to be unvaccinated. We’ve spoken to other restaurant owners who have been impacted by similar mandates and they’re seeing their business drop 10%, 15%. I mean, even 5% is big for the independent restaurant. If we don’t comply, we are fined and lose money. If we comply, we lose money from people we have to refuse. Either way, we are losing money and no one wants to pay us for everything we lost, it’s not our fault.

The ordinance is set to go into effect in Oakland on Feb. 1. Oakland will be the latest to join other evidence warrant areas such as Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Contra Costa County.

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