NJ attacks legal gun owners again

We told you about a hearing in the New Jersey Legislature last week on increased gun control. This week they do it again and they added four additional invoices on file.

Their primary focus is “Safe Gun Storage,” which targets what you do with your guns IN YOUR OWN HOME. The way the bill is worded, you would be dead or your family completely vulnerable by the time it would take to access your gun IN YOUR OWN HOME

New Jersey already has some of the county’s toughest gun laws and they really only affect legal gun owners.

The intention of criminals to do bad things with guns does not follow any of the rules. The purpose of these stupid laws is supposedly to reduce gun violence, but they only serve to make average citizens less secure, especially women and the most vulnerable populations.

Whether it’s blundering or having lawmakers pushing these bills is so delusional that they are doing anything other than stealing our rights and making us all more vulnerable, it’s frightening and we have to stop.

Contact your legislator today if you care about the right to protect yourself in an increasingly dangerous world.

Most of the rest of the country laughs at us for the cavalier way we gave up our right to self-defense. We must not let them go further and destroy what little remains of our constitutional right to self-defense.

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