Lorain police organize a coffee with a cop – Morning Journal

The Lorain Police Department is hosting its first Coffee with a Cop event on June 18.

The police department is teaming up with Monkey Island Coffee, 500 Shipyard Way, where the event will be held.

Coffee with A Cop is a national program founded in 2011 in Hawthorne, California, when officers from the Hawthorne Police Department decided they needed a way to interact with citizens of the city.

“What we’re doing is our own version of Lorain on this,” Lorain Police Lt. Jake Morris said. “We are incorporating local businesses, small businesses and community centers to not only host the event, but to participate so that we can have our conversations with community members and they can meet us.”

The police department’s goal is to reach out to the citizens it serves and hear their concerns and ideas and actively participate in community safety, Morris said.

Monkey Island Coffee opened in 2019 just before the coronavirus pandemic hit, giving the business a rocky start, he said.

The company donates the café as well as its dining room.

“It’s been tough,” Morris said. “They (Monkey Island) are trying to build a following. That’s why we’re trying to push them to the fore.

“Monkey Island will provide the coffee and we will provide cups for the first 50 participants.”

The event will begin at 9 a.m. and is scheduled until 1 p.m., however, the duration will depend on audience participation and interest, Morris said.

The police department held a similar event four or five years ago.

But, between understaffing and the pandemic, the police department hasn’t tried the program again so far.

At the last event, 20-25 people attended the event.

“(Lorain’s Police) Chief (James) McCann is always trying to find a way to be more connected to our community,” Morris said.

With the idea, Morris was commissioned to put it together and is planning upcoming events in other locations around town.

“You can stay for a cup of coffee, have a breakfast sandwich or a bagel, or stay all the time, too,” Morris said of inviting the public.

Bringing a coffee with a cop to Lorain will not only give the police department the opportunity to reach out to its citizens, but also showcase local businesses and community centers in Lorain, he said.

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