Loop Ping Pong kitchen and bar open in Frisco


Not your average place for ping pong. Who knew table tennis tables could look so fancy!

We heard a buzz coming from the Frisco railway district, so we followed it. This led us to Patios at the Rail, an experiential destination where railroad history, shopping and character abound.

The buzz is coming from local residents who are eager to meet the new tenant of the Patios, Loop Ping Pong Kitchen and Bar.

Yes, we said ping pong. If images of tubular socks, gyms, and Forrest Gump come to mind, you are not alone. But it’s Frisco, so you’ll want to take that visual and elevate it to a level you’ve never seen before.

Officially open later this fall, but now hosting pop-up previews, Loop Ping Pong is a 6,000-square-foot two-story entertainment space with ping-pong tables for hire, a dining area, two bars and indoor-outdoor seating.

Michelle George, company partner, explains that while the game is ping pong, the concept is community-centric and brings people together in a fun and relaxed way.

Michelle and her husband are transplants in Frisco, but they are nothing new. Both in the medical field, they have lived here for eight years and are excited to join the small business community. Michelle remembers when her father, himself a business owner, drove by Frisco and said, “You must be thinking of something that Frisco doesn’t have. What is Frisco missing? “

Appreciating that Frisco is a family town, she noticed that there aren’t many places to go that meet both the needs of parents and the needs of children. Where to park the car and settle down to eat, play and relax in an atmosphere appreciated by all? And with the added bonus of being close to home … (After all, we’re a bit spoiled here and we don’t like to get out of our bubble if we don’t have to.)

Once the vision was defined, it was time to find a location. Michelle shares: “I was immediately drawn to downtown Frisco because it’s a booming neighborhood right now and looks like the heart of the city. The city center has always represented Frisco’s roots, but over time it has been overshadowed by other exciting developments. We loved the idea of ​​being part of the tight-knit downtown community, so when we saw the Patios at the Rail, we were like ‘this is perfect! “

Take a seat at the stylish bar or enjoy the ambience of Loop Ping Pong’s underground bar-style dining room.

Proving that Loop Ping Pong values ​​the history of Frisco’s railways, they made it a priority to include nods to the city’s past in their designs and branding.

“It is important for us to pay homage to Frisco, both for what he was and what it is now. The city has grown so much and we owe it to the inhabitants, those who have been here for a long time, not to neglect its history.

As an example, in their branding, you’ll see hand-drawn graphics of the iconic “Ship it on the Frisco” signage, as well as the train near Babe’s and the old Frisco water tower. . You’ll find railroad tracks embedded in the concrete floors, along with other surprises they’ll soon reveal. No matter what aspect of the business they talk about, Michelle says the question is always, “How can we honor Frisco?” “

Now you don’t have play ping pong when you come, but why wouldn’t you when there are ball catchers out there? No pursuit of the ball here, they take care of this part. You will be given a full bucket to work with so the action never stops. Loop will have X tables available for walk-in customers, and you can call ahead if you want to reserve multiple tables adjacent to each other. Whether you are an amateur or think you are ready for the Olympics, you are welcome to play.

You might be wondering how to play ping-ping and have dinner at the same time? They also covered it up.

“Developing the menu was a creative and fun process,” says Michelle. “We are fortunate to have an award winning chef from the Dallas area who understands our sophisticated culinary concept. We know we can’t serve you food with a fork and a knife when you’re trying to play ping pong. The challenge was how to translate this incredible high-end menu into playable food? So we’re exploring ways to do just that. ‘Interested in salad? Okay, do you want to make your salad playable? We can put it in a package.

Loop Ping Pong’s full menu will include entrees, shareable entrees, and “playable” food for those who want to play while they eat.

That doesn’t mean less adventurous types can’t just sit back and enjoy a meal. A large glamorous bar will seat 16 people while the adjacent dining room will offer tables with benches, drink bars and lounge space for large groups. Seated guests can enjoy the full menu of sophisticated yet relaxed dishes, in an elegant but still playful ambience.

Michelle shares: “Most of the time when we talk to someone about our concept and then they see our renderings, they’re like, ‘wow, we never imagined that’. It’s definitely an upscale vibe, but we think it’s important to include some fun and quirky elements as well.

You’re welcome to drop by for a quick lunch, extended happy hour, or romantic dinner. You can hang out all night practicing your “loop” (it’s a ping-pong shot that generates a lot of topspin, in case you didn’t know) while munching on some share-ables. It’s yours.

While chic in style (Michelle is fond of herringbone stone walls, in particular), it’s still a laid back concept. Guests will find ping-pong-inspired artistic creativity everywhere, such as ping-pong ball installations in the chandelier.

This rendering of Loop Ping Pong’s back room on the second floor will soon feature garage doors that lead to an outdoor patio and bar.

On the second floor, they’re about to blow up the west-facing wall to extend Loop Ping Pong’s access to the rooftop courtyard that Patios at the Rail is known for. Sleek roll-up garage doors will invite patrons outside to enjoy a second bar and additional bench tables and chairs. Push-back windows will be installed to enclose the space if necessary.

As a new business in the days of COVID, it understandably took a little longer to get things done than they would have liked, but Michelle says they’re taking it in stride.

“We’re ready to dive and weave,” she says. “Right now, it’s either riding with the waves or you’re not going to survive.” Do building materials take longer to stock up? Yes, but what can we do? People are thrilled with our openness, so we’ll be offering preview nights to sharpen them and keep them coming back. “

Loop Ping Pong invites its guests to relax and settle in. During the day, come for lunch. In the evening, meet up with a friend for a drink or bring the family for a fun time and let your paddles do the talking.

Loop Ping Pong is eager to partner with local businesses and nonprofits to host corporate events, fundraisers, tournaments, or even rehearsal dinners (bridesmaids vs. groomsmen in a tournament sounds pretty funny to us). Book an adult birthday party, plan a team building event. Whatever you imagine, they can’t wait to plan it with you.

Render of the first floor bar of Loop Ping Pong and Kitchen, dare we say it sexy, seating 16 people.

Follow Loop Ping Pong Kitchen + Bar on social networks (Facebook | Instagram) to monitor announcements of exclusive pop-up events and stay tuned for updates to their new website. Be the first in the know and the first to become the Ping King in Frisco, Texas.

Loop Ping Pong Kitchen and Bar | 7511 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75033

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