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From the outside, the entrepreneurs behind the Light Years Asian Diner saw Newcastle as the perfect city to grow. James Sutherland, Kim Stephen and chef Robbie Oijvall have combined their talents to breathe new life into the venue at 7 Darby Street, which opens on Wednesday December 15th. The place will be open from 5 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday. The plan is to expand to seven evenings a week and add lunch hours in the New Year. Their formula started with the first Light Years, opened in Byron Bay in 2017. They managed to expand the concept – original Asian fusion food and cocktails in a fun atmosphere with breathtaking funk and disco, and a quality service – at Noosa and Burleigh Chefs in Queensland. Newcastle is the next stop as they look to expand along the east coast. “Newcastle is going through a huge gentrification,” said Sutherland, who is the managing director. “He is under-represented in the region where we are. It looks like a good opportunity to us.” The venue will accommodate 140 people in the main restaurant and up to 80 people in the upstairs reception space, Shelly’s, which will open next year. What will the guests think of it? Creative Director Kim Stephen said he hoped the reaction would be: “‘It was different, in a good way. I had never experienced this before. It was new. Glad to be back. “Sutherland said success will depend on quality. food and drink: customer reaction must be “this is amazing”. “You can have a nice place, but if you don’t walk or talk then you’re in trouble,” he said.



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