Karen’s Diner with rude staff and terrible service opens – and Karens drinks for free


Over the past few years, Karen’s name has gone from a cute nickname to a meaner meaning.

Typically, a “Karen” now means acting legitimately, abusing privileges or complaining and demanding to see the responsible.

And, while many Brits don’t like the new Americanized use of the name, one Australian restaurant has decided to orient their customer service around it.

Karen’s Diner in Sydney, Australia urged guests to try the establishment to get a “thrill” by complaining and expressing frustration.

This is because the staff will be willfully rude and the service abominable.

The restaurant is a safe place to be a Karen

The restaurant has proven to be so popular that two more branches are due to open in Brisbane and Melbourne, reports Tyla.

The restaurant’s website reads: “We hate good service. It will be the most fun you have ever had to eat burgers.

“Karen’s is an interactive restaurant and an absurdly fun experience.

“At Karen’s you will be greeted and served by rude waiters who in return expect you to give her Karen full.

“A place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care.”

Waiter in vintage restaurant outfit
Restaurant will provide rude waiters

The 100% rude staff added, “Our good manners are nonexistent and we are the perfect place for Karen everywhere to express her anger and dismay to the world. Come on, ask the manager … WE BET YOU!

“You can expect great food, fun and a dining experience like you’ve never had before.”

And, if your name is Karen and don’t forget to bring your ID, you’ll get free drinks! Goal!

So it looks like the Karen people of the world are finally getting a bonus from the negative trend.

We really hope this concept will come to the UK.

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