Jessie Ware: “I miss the dance, the sweat, the touch and the body odor” | Jessie ware


Like most Jewish homes, ours was loud and emotional. And that was just as we were deciding what to eat. My parents separated when I was nine and my siblings, mom and I became a team. We were protecting her. Life was brilliantly chaotic and she made sure we were always experiencing new things.

It’s mom’s fault I am not a lawyer. A few weeks before I started studying law, my friend Jack Peñate asked me if I would be doing backing vocals on his tour. He couldn’t pay me, but it was six weeks in America. Mom was clear: live your life, postpone your place, go ahead or you will regret it. I went there and signed my first recording contract shortly thereafter.

I worked too much when my first child was born. I was trying to prove something: that I was relevant, that I could do anything without any compromise or change. My insecurities make my memories of his first year bittersweet.

I was desperate to create a mystique around me at the start of my career. I thought hiding my personality to appear enigmatic would help, but people just thought I was miserable. Starting a podcast with mom set me free – she says anything to anyone. We always knew she was a star – now the world is seeing it too.

Dave Chappelle licked me in a bar in Minneapolis. I was on tour and ended up having a drink with him and a few friends afterwards. As I said my goodbyes, I swear to God, the tongue touched the face. It wasn’t sexual, just special enough. He must have missed trying to kiss me on the cheek goodbye.

Sam and i We have been together since the age of 18. I have known him since childhood. He’s calm and kind – the perfect man.

By nature I am incredibly lazy. I’ll happily spend the whole day in bed while Sam watches the mess I’m making with disgust. I blame my creativity, but I’m basically just a redneck.

I miss the dance and sweat – human contact and body odor. It’s not like I went out raving every weekend before the pandemic, but now I yearn for this release: closeness and closeness, those intimate moments on the dance floor with strangers.

I am quite stubborn. Or maybe I am not. In fact, am I a nonconformist? I do not know. I am Libra: I cannot make decisions.

Women in music I’m told they have a lifespan, but I’m 36 and have never felt so strong. Everything falls into place.

Jessie Ware’s album, What’s Your Pleasure ?, is now available, and her book, Omelette, is available for pre-order

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