Japanese restaurant launches dog menu with beef spaghetti and duck from £2.20

Maki & Ramen in Edinburgh, Scotland, offers a choice of seven natural treats for dogs dining with their owners in the popular Japanese restaurant – including spaghetti with beef, duck, lamb and turkey from £2.20

All dogs are welcome at Maki & Ramen

A Japanese restaurant has created a new menu for dogs, so well-behaved pooches can feast on healthy food while their owners enjoy ramen and gyozas.

The dog-friendly menu, Woof Treats, offers a choice of seven natural treats for all breeds and ages of dogs, including beef spaghetti and biltong.

Maki & Ramen, which has six branches in Scotland, brought the idea to life at the restaurant in Edinburgh’s St James area.

The family restaurant has partnered with Dofos Pet Shop, Edinburgh’s oldest pet shop.

From April 22, dogs can enjoy duck, lamb and turkey, with smaller treats costing £2.20 and larger portions costing £6.80.

Royston the Staffy loved his meal


Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS)

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Media manager Effie Koutromanou, 30, said: “We expect him to be popular. We have already been in contact with many wildlife bloggers, they can’t wait.

“Edinburgh is the number one city in the UK in terms of pet ownership. In our restaurant, pet owners can have a great time with their dogs.”

Maki & Ramen doesn’t take reservations, which means diners can drop by with their pets for a spontaneous bite.

Effie continued: “Edinburgh is an amazing city with so much green space and so many pet owners.

Dogs can dine in style with their owners


Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS)

“All of our customers asked us ‘are dogs allowed?’ – our restaurant in the St James area has this amazing space that looks like a courtyard.

“Owners and their furry friends can come in and enjoy a great meal. The dogs will sit on the floor to keep everyone happy.

“We have eight or nine tables outside, we can seat more than 30 people.

“We have no limit on the number of animals that can come, as long as the owners are happy.

“We wanted to collaborate with a local company in Edinburgh. The reason we chose these specific treats is that they are all natural.

“All dogs, all ages, all sizes are welcome.”

There is a variety of meats on the menu


Katielee Arrowsmith / SWNS)

Another restaurant recently launched a dog-friendly menu in Kent – and it’s been a hit with pet owners.

The King’s Arms in West Malling offers four plates specially designed for dogs’ delicate palettes, with a vegetarian option for meatless diners.

Diners can order a meat mezze for £2.50, which includes chicken, beef, sausages, ham, lamb and “everything in the kitchen”.

There’s also a sausage kebab dish, priced at £1.50, described as a selection of ‘carrot sausages on kebab sticks’.

Pub goer Amanda Greenslade said: “My pooches absolutely had their doggie dinners! But what I loved the most about it was the fact that I ate MY dinner in peace without the ‘please mum, give me some’.”

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