It’s the only thing worse than virtual learning from NJ

Here we go again. My God. We all heaved a sigh of relief in the start of the 2021/2022 school year. Our public schools were finally back to in-person learning and the virtual wasn’t even generally an option for parents.

It was a good thing. While a noble effort of virtual learning has absolutely failed to achieve the goal of truly educating our children. Some parents may have gotten a glimpse behind the curtain of how difficult a New Jersey teacher’s job is when done well.

At the end of the winter holidays with a new variant on our doorstep, huge districts had already been asking for a return to virtual learning for two weeks. (Only for a few weeks, doesn’t that sound familiar to you?) New Brunswick, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Trenton, Paterson, Camden, and New Jersey’s largest district, Newark.

Many others have announced a distance learning week, including Rahway, Woodbury, Bridgeton and Hackensack.

[pullquoted alignment=”full”]Uncertainty sucks. Virtual learning sucks.[/pullquotes]

But what’s really taking the cake? What’s worse than inefficient distance learning? Calling her at the very last minute, the day before the children returned.

My 6 year old son’s district emailed at 5pm on Sunday saying how they are returning to in-person learning and that additional safety measures are being taken. Everything was going full steam ahead.

Then about two hours later, at nearly 7 p.m. the night before they were supposed to come home, another email went out saying that due to COVID-19 infections they had lost so many drivers. of buses and so many personnel that in person was impossible. We, the parents, have been asked to wait for more information on how our children would be at home tomorrow on virtual learning.

So they expect us to believe that between 5 p.m. and 6:52 p.m. is when they suddenly realized that they didn’t have enough replacements, enough staff and not enough bus drivers to open. ? It’s a great neighborhood. I don’t blame the teachers in any way either because they are thrown head-first under the bus with this last-minute pivot. And maybe the district didn’t really know until this late, but that doesn’t seem likely. Yet they need to understand that families have lives, jobs and responsibilities.

The optics are horrible.

Parents have gone in search of work options, power take-off decisions, babysitters, and more. A logistical nightmare launched at every family in the neighborhood at the last minute. And without even a compassionate apology for the late timing.

I’ve heard from parents across the state that this is also happening on Sunday night in their neighborhoods. Are we to believe that this is a one-day closure? Will it be a week? A month? Until spring break?

Uncertainty sucks. Virtual learning sucks.

The one thing that sucks the most is throwing that at a working parent at the last possible moment.

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