Is Hoboken’s Malibu Diner closing? This is what we know

Earlier this year, after the Spa Diner closed, it was announced that the iconic Malibu Diner would also close in the near future, but not for good. On December 8, we chatted with the current Malibu Diner co-owner for the latest updates on the restaurant’s closure, read on for everything we know.

In 2019, plans for a new structure on the restaurant site were presented. The plans for the mixed-use building included a total of five floors with 23 residential units making up the upper floors of the building, with the ground floor designed to accommodate commercial space, as well as 20 parking spaces.

At the time, it was not confirmed whether the commercial space would house the long-standing restaurant, although many believed it was.

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The current owners, who are the son and daughter of the longtime Malibu owner, have no plans to remove Malibu Diner from the city, at least not permanently. The co-owner explained to us that the plans for the five-story building are actually moving forward meaning the current building will be demolished and built from scratch.

If you’re wondering why the owners didn’t just choose to renovate the existing structure, he explained that it would be a much bigger undertaking to do so, and the clear option was to start from scratch to ensure that the new structure meets the requirements of the city. building codes. He went on to explain that the decision to rebuild was made several years ago by him, his sister and their father – who sadly passed away just over a year ago. He took over the property in 1979 after emigrating from Greece.

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As for the future of the beloved Malibu Diner, don’t worry, the plan is to dedicate the new commercial space to the diner – keep it alive and well, on the same block just in a new space. For now, the plan also includes reopening with the same concept with the sought after restaurants and the charm that the restaurant has always offered.

So yes, Malibu Diner is closing – and December 31 will be the last day it opens to the public until the new building is ready. The restaurant will reopen in approximately 24 months. So stop for some disco fries and a shake will be on hold for about two years, but for now be sure to stop for a classic meal to hold you back until then!

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Written by: Victoria Marie Moyeno

Victoria is Associate Editor-in-Chief of HG and Social Media Coordinator for the Hoboken Historical Museum + Fire Department Museum. She is from fourth generation Hoboken, BNR in Mile Square and Jersey City. By playing softball in town for fourteen years, playing the trumpet for the Hoboken High School Redwings Band, and graduating from New Jersey City University, these two towns hold a special place in her heart. When not a stylist or a Symposia bookstore volunteer, she explores all that the concrete jungle has to offer. You can see her at art shows, local festivities, travel, diving into a new book, saving, or crafting.

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