How to save big when dining out

The number of restaurant reservations can tell a lot about business and what people are spending.

News 12’s Kristie Reeter chats with an expert about how people can get the best deals at restaurants.

Caleb Silver, or Investopedia, says restaurants have seen an increase in people coming to dine in contrast to the peak of the pandemic.

“We’ve seen a mild to pleasant rebound in restaurant reservations in New York State, but we’re still down 24.8% from 2019 levels, so we still have a long way to go,” says Silver. “When you look at NYC where we have so many restaurants, we’re down 34.2% from 2019 levels.”

Silver says if inflation continues to rage, there could be another dip in restaurant activity, since dining out is a discretionary expense.

“It’s summer and you want to go out to eat with the family, but businesses are facing high costs due to inflation,” Silver says.

Some items on restaurant menus are more expensive, such as anything with protein.

Richard Berroa, owner of Claudy’s Kitchen, says chicken that used to cost 89 cents a pound now costs $1.89 a pound. “It’s an incredible increase.”

Berroa says he tries not to pass the extra cost on to the customer too much.

One money-saving tip is to try eating together as a family. Also ask restaurants for any specials they may have for dinner only

“We also have other specials that we try to do to attract diners that are just for customers, i.e. three empanadas for $9 or two empanadas and a beer for $12,” explains Berroa.

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