How Anthony Weiner finally convinced Huma Abedin to go on a date: book

  • In his next book, Huma Abedin details his courtship with Anthony Weiner.
  • Abedin initially pushed Weiner away, but they remained friends and eventually went on a date.
  • Weiner used her closeness to a conversation during the 2008 campaign between Obama and Clinton to convince her, according to the book.

Former congressman and convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner was able to convince Huma Abedin to date him by overhearing a conversation between 2008 campaign rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

While the two had met in the halls of Congress during Abedin’s tenure as Clinton’s Senate assistant, she first wondered “how do I get out of this situation” when they got together. first met during a 2001 Democratic Party retreat in Martha’s Vineyard. Abedin writes that she was concerned Weiner would pick up on her as a sitting congressman, as it would only complicate her job and pose a risk to Clinton’s political career.

“After the failed attempt to have a drink on Martha’s Vineyard, the next social outing that the congressman and I shared was six years later, during President Bush’s State of the Union address in January. 2007 “, writes Abedin in” Both / And: A life in Many Worlds “, a first copy of which was obtained by Insider.

Nonetheless, Abedin describes how she was charmed by Weiner, who dangled juicy gossip as bait.

During former President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address in 2007, Obama and Clinton stepped up their respective presidential campaigns in what was to become a heated and protracted primary. Weiner managed to get to the House floor early, taking a seat right behind Obama and Clinton as they chatted.

Abedin says she was reluctant to ask her boss what she was discussing with Obama unless Clinton disclosed it herself, but she was curious enough to accept his offer to tell Weiner about it at what was initially a dinner party. of group.

“Weiner, in fact, betrayed very little of their conversation, other than saying he told Obama he had his back on the HRC so he wouldn’t attempt any false moves,” writes Abedin. “‘Did you really say that? ” heating [a fellow Clinton aide] demand. He smiled and winked, and no one could tell if he was joking or if he was serious. “

Because they arrived too late at the restaurant and were asked to leave soon after arriving, Weiner invited Abedin to a dinner party instead. Away from the group, the two had their first extended conversation in what would turn from a friendship to a romantic relationship and, ultimately, a failed marriage.

Weiner quickly impressed by finding a better table for them at the restaurant.

“Did he tip her?” Abedin writes, baffled at how Weiner managed to get them the spot after a quick chat with the hostess. “Asked for a table closer to the front?” Did she recognize it and decide to give it a better place?

“It was my inaugural evening witnessing an anthonyism,” continues Abedin. “Things just happened when you were with him. He didn’t spend a lot of time explaining; everything has been settled.

Although Abedin writes that the relationship only became fully romantic later in the 2008 presidential campaign, the two were set to become a couple that would end up at the center of the 2016 presidential election, with Weiner highlighting jeopardize the Clinton campaign. and give Donald Trump a helping hand when his laptop was seized by the FBI.

“The crowded restaurant had emptied, leaving only us and a few stragglers at the bar,” writes Abedin. “I let him drive me back to my car. On that drive to Percy – which I learned was the name he gave his Pathfinder – I knew I enjoyed being with him. . Once I saw past that first glimpse of his brash, arrogant character, I found him clever, genuinely interesting, never boring. “

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