Hong Kong restaurant launches Chinese gin-infused tasting menu

Golden Leaf, Conrad Hong Kong’s award-winning Chinese restaurant, presents a new Cantonese tasting menu with some of its gin-infused dishes from local Two Moons distillery.

Golden Leaf has partnered with local Two Moons distillery, one of the first boutique gin brands to base production entirely in Hong Kong, on a creative collaboration. Between now and January 31, the restaurant will offer a Cantonese tasting menu incorporating the distillery’s gins into the dishes.

The eight-course menu was crafted using gin to enhance the dishes’ classic flavor profiles, which is not common in traditional Chinese cuisine.

Among the dishes, the sliced ​​drunken chicken brings out the full range of notes of Two Moon Dry Gin. Macerated in a gin infused marinade, the chicken is infused with tangy notes, with a slight hint of spice in the background.

In another dish where sautéed shrimp are stuffed with Chinese cured ham, the citrus scent of a Dry Gin and yuzu honey completely reinvents this Cantonese recipe, as the two ingredients add depth. The sautéed pork with spring onions and ginger illustrates how Two Moons Calamansi gin can resist bolder flavors, as the high heat intensifies the liquor and leaves it enveloping the crispy pork.

For dessert, diners have a choice of chilled yuzu honey jelly or lemon pudding, marking a refreshing end to the feast. The gin-inspired menu is accompanied by a glass of Calamansi Gin and Tonic.

Golden Leaf Chef Tony Wan Chung-Yiu said, “I am delighted to see the emergence of young brands with similar aspirations. I hope our partnership with Two Moons will bring a pleasant surprise to the local food scene.

Ivan Chang, Co-Founder of Two Moons Distillery, commented, “The collaboration is revolutionary, and we can’t wait to see the results.

Two Moons’ tasting menu with gins is available for HK $ 880 * per person (from two diners; subject to a 10% service charge).

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