Here’s how to enjoy Lunar New Year feasts from Sydney’s top diners at home (with minimal effort)

For the first time since 2019, Lunar New Year (LNY) celebrations in Sydney went on much as usual. Nonetheless, dozens of Sydneysiders continue to self-isolate every day – and many more are avoiding crowds to avoid Covid-19 infection. If you’re not good at cooking (or just can’t be bothered), a slew of great restaurants have hosted in-home banquets that will be delivered directly to you through Providour and require minimal preparation. and reheating. Here is what is on offer.

Golden Age and XOPP
Late-night icon Golden Century may have closed last year, but its beloved Cantonese cuisine lives on in Providour delivery form. For LNY, he hosted a luxury banquet for four. Start the party off with a dish of lobster in ginger-scallion sauce, then dive into a plate of the restaurant’s famous XO pippies. Also on the menu? Black pepper beef, steamed coral trout and fried rice.

The sister restaurant, XOPP in Darling Square also hosts a banquet. It includes steamed prawn dumplings, the XO pippies that give the restaurant its name, salt and pepper prawns and cumin lamb chops.

Ho Jiak and Amah
Ho Jiak (which you’ll find in Haymarket, Town Hall and Strathfield) and spin-off restaurant Amah in Chatswood put on explosive Malaysian feasts. Ho Jiak’s banquet includes chef Junda Khoo’s glorious har mee bomb: Penang-style shrimp noodle soup ingredients (shrimp, pork fat and noodles) pressed into a dumpling. This is just the beginning of the meal, which also includes Hainanese chicken, tau eu bak (braised pork belly), Angus rendang beef and assam nyonya (a sour and spicy curry) made with barramundi.

Amah’s menu, meanwhile, includes fishball soup, a grilled meat platter, prawns with black pepper curry and tofu with crab sauce.

Lotus has gone to great lengths with its LNY banquet. It comes with tinnies of its house lager, plus salt and pepper peanuts and garlicky cashews to toss as you sip. Next, move on to his yee seng (prosperity salad); a range of dumplings; braised pork knuckle and tiger salad; tiger prawns with XO; and gold bars with red bean paste for prosperity. Lotus also collaborated with Tokyo Lamington on a trio of lamingtons (lychee, fortune cookie, and a yuzu and sesame cream striped number).

A little bit of everything
Dumpling lovers can get their fix with a box full of dumplings from a group of diners. This weekend’s box is sold out, making February 11-12 delivery your only option — it’s worth getting there early for this one. It includes Ho Jiak’s har mee bombs; pork-chive and shrimp dumplings from Lotus; mini shrimp mantou (steamed buns) and barbecued pork buns from XOPP; and Steamed Shrimp and Gold Coin Balls (Shrimp and Pork) from Golden Century.

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