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Fargo’s Pizza is back.

The family’s favorite Old West-themed restaurant in Colorado Springs will reopen at 5 p.m. Friday at 2910 E. Platte Ave.

“We are delighted, to say the least, that this is actually happening,” said Dave Lavin, member of the Fargo Ownership Group, Monday.

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The owners posted the news on Fargo’s Facebook page over the weekend; As of Monday, there were over 1,100 comments, mostly from Fargo’s fans who said they started counting the hours until the restaurant reopened.

“This is the best news I have heard recently! Said one commentator. “I will take my grandson to his first Fargo experience. I look forward !!!!”

“Welcome back and I can’t wait to have your amazing pizza and salads! Another wrote. “Of course I missed you guys and I will definitely come see you guys!”

Fargo’s has been closed since December, when a new round of COVID-19 capacity restrictions were put in place at that time for restaurants and businesses in the area.

Those limits have since been removed, restaurants in the Colorado Springs area have been operating at full capacity for several weeks, and many Fargo customers have called for the restaurant to reopen.

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Over the past few weeks, owners and employees have been working to prepare the restaurant for its reopening, Lavin said. His wife, Paula, and Paula’s brother, Evan Gardner, are part of the owner group; Paula and Evan are the daughter and son of one of Fargo’s founders.

When customers walk through the doors, the restaurant will look the same, Lavin said. No changes were made to its decor, although some plumbing and flooring repairs were made, among other upgrades, he said.

The restaurant will have around 45 full-time and part-time employees, slightly less than before it closed, but enough to reopen, Lavin said.

Greater efficiency in the workplace, such as a new way to move customers around the restaurant’s salad bar and an improved system for processing food orders, should allow smoother operation even with fewer employees. , did he declare.

Fargo’s has been an institution in Springs since it was launched in 1973 by brothers Leon and Landon Gardner, who gave it a Western theme and decorated its 500-seat split-level dining room to look like a dance hall / saloon.

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Arcade games, employees clad in Old West clothing, and other features have made Fargo’s popular for family outings, birthdays, and special occasions reunions. Many residents have passed their love of the restaurant down from generation to generation.

Lavin said Fargo’s expects a large crowd on Friday, including customers who will no doubt be lining up before the 5 p.m. opening.

“We expect Friday to be right out of the gate,” Lavin said. “We will be slammed at the very start, I’m sure.

“It’s really heartwarming,” he added. “This only underscores the loyalty of our customers. That’s wonderful.”

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