Elon Musk and Tesla embark on the restoration

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The connection between fast food and car culture dates back to the infancy of both: As motorists navigated the expanding network of highways across the United States in the early 20th century, stores offering road-friendly fare appear to serve them. Drive-ins, drive-throughs, and mobile-controlled parking spots have all come to cater to our world of cars.

Now a possible new chapter in the interwoven story is being written: Tesla is drawing up plans for an all-night dinner attached to one of the stations where users charge their vehicles, filing plans this month with Los Angeles for a 9,300 square foot facility.

Although the technology is state-of-the-art, the idea behind it dates back to the golden age of the drive-in, which was as much a place to show off your finned, chrome-plated vehicle as it was to fill up on fuel. cheeseburgers and fries. . Tesla founder Elon Musk seemed aware of the connection in his 2018 announcement of the plan, in which he promised an old-fashioned ‘roller skate and rock restaurant’ at one of the ‘supercharger’ stations. of the company.

Newly filed plans include a rooftop bar, drive-in cinema and carhop area, though the vibe looks more futuristic than retro, according to the electric vehicle news site Electrek, who first reported on them. The facility will be built on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, where Shakey’s Pizza is located. The design includes 29 stands for charging cars, allowing customers to dine and watch short films while they wait.

Much about the restaurant, which must first be approved for construction by the city, remains unclear, including its menu and opening date, and an email to the business has not was immediately fired. Musk tweeted in 2018, however, that he would accept payment in cryptocurrency dogecoin.

His restaurateur dreams aside, Musk has recently been mired in controversy over his erratic attempt to take over Twitter and allegations of sexual harassment by a flight attendant on his private jet, which he has denied.

And the Tesla restaurant plan is not without its critics. Some are lamenting the proposal to demolish Shakey’s Pizza, open since 1964, to make way for the new complex. Travel company Esotouric Los Angeles, which specializes in preservation and history, called it a “Rte 66 loss” and mocked the renderings submitted by Tesla. “If this is the promised retro futuristic 50s Tesla drive-in, meh,” he tweeted. “Looks like the existing Shakeys in a cheap Halloween costume.”

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