Eat outside? Why Bay Area restaurants keep raising prices – NBC Bay Area

Restaurant prices are rising, which means that those who dine out are likely paying higher prices for their meals.

While some dining costs are obvious, including beef, veg, and oil, an Oakland-born chef has gone viral with an article highlighting some costs that many people might not think of.

Chef Kwasi Moses says frying oil has gone from $ 21 a year ago to $ 35 six months ago to $ 45 today. And a batch of takeout boxes that cost $ 25 a year ago now costs $ 95.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the producer price index for all foods saw the largest increase in four decades, nearly 13% between September 2020 and September 2021. Ninety-one percent of restaurateurs have said it affected them, according to a National Restaurant Association investigation. find.

Restaurant owners try to adapt by substituting menu items, offering smaller portions and sometimes passing cost increases on to their diners.

“It’s not personal,” Moses said. “Sometimes we have to pass the costs on to the consumer, and a lot of people, myself and other chefs and restaurant owners, don’t want to. But that’s the only way to break even. because if you keep your prices the same and your costs go up, you will lose money and end up closing your doors. “

Moses asks diners to try to be understanding with restaurants that remain open as they face higher prices and labor shortages. They had a rough time during the pandemic, with more than 100,000 temporary or permanent closures in the United States.

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