Dundalk Restaurant and Fire Company Recognized by State Comptroller Proclamation | national news

Controller Peter Franchot, as well as local elected officials Del. Ric Metzgar and Senator Johnny Salling, each presented proclamations to Boulevard Diner and Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company on February 25, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Dundalk and surrounding communities, particularly throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Dundalk is a fabulous community, one of my favorite places in the state of Maryland,” Franchot said in an interview, adding that the two places he visited persevered in the face of adversity. “The future is very bright for Dundalk.”

Franchot addressed the proclamation, he said, to Mark Tsakiris, owner of the “historic” restaurant, to recognize his “pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, his dedication to crafting true family recipes and his unwavering commitment to the quality”, and congratulate him and wish him the best for the future. .

Salling said the restaurant is a “great place to eat well and listen to good music”, then gave his own citation, as did Metzgar, to Tsakiris for the restaurant’s 21 years of service and dedication to Dundalk.

On his next stop, Franchot said the fire company, which has served the community for more than 80 years, has demonstrated a dedication to protecting lives and property that “sets a stellar example to follow for all fire companies”, and extend his thanks and best wishes to all members.

Metzgar and Salling also gave citations thanking the fire company for the hard work and dedication to serving the citizens of Dundalk and nearby communities.

Franchot, also a Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland, met the delegate and Republican senator, first at the restaurant and then at the fire company.

“What thrills me to death,” Metzgar told an audience of employees and customers at the restaurant, “is that it’s really about bipartisanship. When Comptroller Franchot comes to Dundalk, he calls Del. Metzgar and Senator Salling, which shows we get along.

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