Dogs roaming free in Edison, N.J. bite children in 2 incidents

EDISON – Two boys were attacked by pit bulls on Friday afternoon near a park in separate incidents.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the dogs had not been captured and the owners had not been identified.

Police Lt. Robert Dudash told New Jersey 101.5 that, as officers responded to a report of an attack inside Swales Park, the second attack was reported outside a nearby house.

Landon Cruz, 13 years old, says News 12 he broke his left wrist when he fell while fighting dogs. The animals bit his leg while he was playing basketball.

A 9-year-old child was bitten on the arm while playing outside his home.

Dudash said the dogs were wearing collars with pieces of chain link attached, indicating they may have escaped from a yard.

Nothing identified the dogs, according to Dudash, who said there had been no complaints about the dogs from residents in the neighborhood around the park.

Edison’s animal control officers, who are part of the health department, will investigate what may have caused the dogs to bite. Officers are scheduled to speak to the boys on Tuesday.

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