Dinner filled up at McDonald’s before visiting Salt Bae’s restaurant and said the food “is not worth the price”


A millionaire who dined at Salt Bae’s expensive restaurant, Nusr-Et, says he already stocked his boots at McDonald’s in advance and claims the food “was not worth the price.”

Chiraag Suchak, an IT subcontractor for investment banks who trades indexes in his spare time, says restaurant food – where a gold leaf-covered tomahawk steak can cost £ 850 – n isn’t all it’s meant to be.

The 33-year-old decided to visit Salt Bae’s restaurant Nusr-Et after his friends started talking about the sky-high bills other customers were sharing online.

Indeed, Nusr-Et made headlines earlier this week after a customer expressed outrage over his enticing £ 37,000 bill.

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“There was a lot of talk in the WhatsApp groups about Nusr-Et bills being shared, and they wanted to see what it was,” he said. My London. “How could a guy justify charging £ 11 for a Red Bull or £ 630 for a steak?” “

Chiraag ordered the fried onion (£ 18), asparagus (£ 18), mashed potatoes (£ 12), fries (£ 10) and a few soft drinks – and some wine from his friend .

His share of the bill, along with the service charge, was £ 150, which may seem quite modest.

Chiraag said: “The point is, I wasn’t even hungry, because I had already had lunch.”

He explains that he had just finished eating when his friend texted him to tell him that he had booked Salt Bae’s restaurant.

Thinking, “I won’t have that chance anymore,” he drove straight to Nusr-Et from where he had lunched – at McDonald’s.

Chiraag said, “I arrived at Nusr-Et from McDonald’s.”

But he was disappointed to find that there were no chicken dishes on Nusr-Et’s pricey menu.

“I would say the food is good,” says Chiraag. “But it’s not worth the price they’re asking.

“I have definitely had better. My friends who ate the steak and the golden burger said the same.

“You really like the experience, the atmosphere and taking a selfie with the chef. You pay to see Nusr-Et and the way he cuts the steak with his black gloves, and what he does when he squeezes the Burger. “

And, of course, his signature food seasoning, that movement that lets salt cascade down his elbow.

“This is really what you are looking for,” he continues. “You are paying for the hype. “

But Chiraag doesn’t expect Salt Bae to be a lasting phenomenon.

“I think the hype will be good for a few months and then people will be bored,” he says. experience – and the quality is not the best.

He even says he couldn’t comment on the quality of the steak because he hasn’t tried it and doesn’t eat red meat.

I tell him that I read in some reviews that it was amazing.

Thereupon, his response is firm: “From what my friends have said, the steak is certainly not amazing. “

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