“Dexter: New Blood” Season 9 Episode 7 Recap – “The Skin of His Teeth”

Last week’s episode of Dexter: new blood delivered a huge reveal as Angela finally found out the fate of her missing friend Iris. Unfortunately, the poor girl’s remains were found deep in some local caves.

With all the signs that Kurt Caldwell is the big bad (duh), will the suspicious restaurant owner be able to continue to elude the police? More importantly, how does Dexter plan to deal with the town’s serial killer problem now that Harrison is working for Suspect # 1? Sunday’s episode revealed all of this and more. Let’s sum up!

We pick up where we left off, Dexter meeting Angela at the crime scene. Now find out who Dexter really is that she wants his forensic expert opinion. He inspects the body and finds the girl’s shirt torn; she was shot from behind with a gun. She was also still alive when she was buried and at first glance she had tried to extricate herself. Dexter pulls a tooth out of his mouth. There’s human skin on it, and there might be enough DNA to identify the killer.

Angela tells Dexter she has a theory: Kurt Caldwell. She thinks he’s been hiding something, plus he wanted them to call off the search just as Angela was about to inspect the cave. Sus a lot? Yeah!

Dexter and Harrison are still at odds over the boy’s new part-time job. Deb suggests that Dex kill Kurt, but Dexter wants to let Angela take care of the matter. That way, Harrison will see Kurt for who he really is without putting more distance between them.

Dexter tells Angela what happened between Molly and Kurt, and brings her to the spooky cabin in the woods. Looks like something has been dragged out of the cabin, and when they walk into the basement it stinks of bleach and the apartment is completely stripped.

As Harrison begins his job, Dexter picks up a cup of coffee at the restaurant to keep an eye on him. Kurt takes a seat in his cabin and Dexter asks if Molly has ever had this interview with Matt. He would really like to hear Matt’s side of the story, he told Kurt, both pushing and pushing. The conversation quickly turns into a suspenseful one-on-one, but before things really heat up, Angela interrupts to arrest Kurt for murder.

Kurt claims he’s innocent as Angela tells him about her FaceTime with Matt (which we know and she’s a lie). She also asks him about the scar on his hand and tells him that they found a DNA sample on Iris’s body that matches hers.

Meanwhile, a driver at the truck stop gives Harrison an envelope to give to his father. When Dexter opens it, it’s a thin piece of metal (a nail?), And Dexter doesn’t know what to do with it. He later creates a diversion so he can sneak into the prison and visit Kurt. He warns her to stay away from her son. Kurt says the night Dex came to pick him up he knew it wasn’t snowing; it was actually raining ashes. And another disturbing piece of information from Kurt: titanium doesn’t melt. It seems that Kurt knows exactly what Dexter did.

Dexter Google searches what the titanium compression screws look like, and of course, that’s exactly what was in the casing. So Kurt knows Dexter killed Matt, and it has scope. Even behind bars.

Kurt makes a statement to the cops, telling a story from his childhood about how his father picks up working girls and mistreats them with young Kurt in the car. (The song the boy spins in the truck is, again, Del Shannon’s “Runaway” – the same song Kurt plays over and over in the bar, and also the track the killer played before Lily did. be murdered in episode 3.) He says that one night he saw Iris hitchhiking with her father. They left and this was the last time he saw her. The rest of the story goes like this: Kurt’s father tried to get Iris home, but when he refused to let her out of his truck, she bit his hand and jumped up. As she was running away, he pulled out a gun and shot her dead. Kurt claims that the DNA in question is that of his father. Since there was only 67% match, Kurt was eventually released.

Dexter New Blood Episode 7 HarrisonDexter marks the restaurant, wondering what to do with the “free end” that is the screw. He starts snooping around Kurt’s office and comes to the conclusion that he’s going to have to kill him.

At the bar, Angela tells Molly she was supposed to leave town with Iris, but backed off at the last minute. Molly says she was lucky that “Jim” showed up to the booth when he did, although her timing was certainly odd. Angela tells her that Jim overheard them talking, but Molly notes that he was sitting too far away from them to even have heard their conversation. Maybe he recorded them, she guesses, remembering that he was charging his phone at the bar. When Molly comes out, we see the newly free Kurt harassing her.

When a group of guys threaten Harrison, he shoots his razor at them, but luckily Dexter is there to ease the situation. Harrison breaks down, claiming he’s “fucked up and always has been.” He says he always had nightmares, but when he listened to Molly’s podcast it all came back to him. “I remember everything,” he says, as we see a flashback of the Trinity Killer (hey, John Lithgow!) Dripping with blood, standing over him. Harrison accuses Dexter of always knowing about Rita’s murder, and with that, the boy jumps into a friend’s car and takes off. The episode ends with Dexter getting blasted from behind by an unknown assailant.

So of cours Harrison remembers his mother’s murder, doesn’t he? And does Kurt have an army of truckers to help cover up his nefarious deeds? Drop your best guesses in the comments below!

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