David Beckham mocked 32 snails during four-hour visit to fancy restaurant with Victoria

David Beckham has revealed that he has already eaten 32 snails in one sitting.

The footballing legend has revealed he enjoys visiting Chez L’Ami Louis – dubbed the most famous bistro in the world – in Paris Saint-Germain.

Former England captain Becks, 46, dined there alone every week but set a ‘record’ that would horrify affable Magic Roundabout snail Brian when he brought his wife Victoria.

He said, “One of my favorite restaurants in the world is L’Ami Louis…for the atmosphere, the food, the fun, everything about it.

“All the waiters are dressed in these white jackets – whether you’re wearing a bomber jacket or the most elegant lady who walks in is wearing a Chanel coat, they take your coat off, fold it up and throw it over their heads.

David Beckham ate 32 snails during a session while having dinner with his wife Victoria

“It’s like a train car.

“My record for eating snails – I ate 32 in one dinner.

“They’re big and they come in platters of six or nine I think. I was there for about four hours with Victoria once and we had the most amazing wine.

Speaking to the River Cafe podcast, Becks added: “Obviously I tried to watch what I eat. But I just made sure to run harder the next day.

Small plates of snails in butter cost around £40.

Could you eat more snails than David Beckham? Let us know in the comments section below.

At L'Ami Louis
Chez L’Ami Louis is one of the most famous restaurants in Paris

The traditional French restaurant has become popular among politicians and celebrities since it opened in the 1920s.

Beckham spent the last six months of his glittering career in France with PSG after joining the club on a free transfer from LA Galaxy in January 2013.

He made 14 appearances for the French giants, providing two assists for his teammates as PSG won the first of six league titles over the next seven seasons.

This is on top of the six Premier League titles he won with Manchester United as well as victories in Spain and the United States during his career.

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