Dad hits restaurant for Christmas Day menu – but people point out the same

A father complained that his children’s Christmas dinner was ruined after they were served chicken and fries at a restaurant – but now other customers are pointing out the same.

Rick Arpino visited Ruposhi Indian Bar & Restaurant in Bury on Christmas Day – with his partner and their four children.

He said he ordered two Indian dinners for adults and traditional Christmas dinners for children.

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Instead, he claims the four children were given chicken, fries and half a fried tomato.

“What an absolute restaurant prank – a spoiled Christmas dinner for our kids on the spur of the moment of this establishment,” Rick wrote on Tripadvisor and in a Facebook post.

However, Indian restaurant Ruposhi said it called its customers before Christmas Day to take their orders – and to explain that they no longer served a traditional menu for Christmas dinner due to a lack of interest.

Since the complaint was published, hundreds of people have left comments.

“I think Christmas dinner was ruined the second you decided to go Indian for Christmas dinner!” Said Peter Holden, responding to the post on the What’s on in Ramsbottom Facebook page.

And John Southworth said: “Ruposhi is a fabulous Indian restaurant serving delicious Indian food, we love it there. However, this would probably be at the bottom of my list of places to host a ‘traditional’ British Christmas lunch. . Maybe try another establishment rather than give it a bad review? “

Rachel Bowen went to the Ruposhi on Christmas Day – and said she was told they weren’t making Christmas dinner when she booked.

She said: “Went there yesterday, couldn’t fault anything, we all had the amazing curry. After all, this is an Indian curry house. If you wanted English food, I would you Would suggest going to a pub or whatever. They came over and asked us if everything was okay, so you should really (sic) say something and not rehash it all over Facebook. “

Restaurant manager Shah Munim said he wrote to Tripadvisor complaining about the review.

He also explained the reason why the restaurant does not serve traditional Christmas dinners.

He said it was not worth the “all the hard work” to prepare a traditional British Christmas dinner when so few customers ordered it.

“We want to please our customers. We gave them options. And they chose chicken and fries,” he said.

“I fully agree with them, they are not happy. I have done my best,” said Mr Munim.

“But unfortunately after they left they wrote on Facebook and Tripadvisor. I don’t know why they are doing this,” he said.

The Ruposhi served around 80 customers on Christmas Day, Saturday, December 25.

One of those customers left a five-star review.

“We came for the sixth day of Christmas (sic) with great food, but again the fantastic service and curries from the staff were (sic) perfect. Thank you for a lovely meal,” user Vacation57473667691 said .

Mr Shah has run the restaurant for 11 years and says he’s struggling to get all of his customers back to the restaurant after the lockdown.

“It’s a very difficult time to run a business right now,” he said.

He said negative reviews can impact his business.

“It’s easy for them to write a review on Tripadvisor, but it’s tough to run a business and keep customers happy,” he said.

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