Come hungry, do good August 3

It’s time, once again, to eat, Detroit. On August 3, EAT Detroit returns.

Lick your chops.

Three years ago, we created an event where attendees could walk from one high-end Detroit restaurant to another, eat and drink to their heart’s content, all for the price of one wristband.

It was a huge success, beyond our wildest dreams. Nearly 1,200 people gathered on a warm June evening and walked or took special shuttles between 19 of Detroit’s hottest and trendiest restaurants, which served samples of iconic food and drink to the attendees.

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All proceeds went to help our most needy citizens through SAY Detroit’s charitable programs. We raised a good amount of money. And diners got to sample 19 restaurants in a single night, took mental snapshots of their interiors and menus, and returned to their favorites again and again.

The restaurants were happy. The participants were delighted. The beneficiaries were delighted. The event received 92% approval in a poll of those who attended.

We have put it on the calendar for the following summer, with the intention of making it an annual event.

And then COVID-19 happened.

Back for a few seconds

I don’t need to tell you what this virus has done to the restaurant industry. “Done” is a word that comes to mind. We looked at restaurants closed by law, then fear, then the economy.

Even when COVID faded enough for restaurants to reopen, many were shells of themselves. The kitchen staff had moved. Wait staff was impossible to find. Customers remained reluctant. A number of restaurants simply couldn’t handle the endless barrage of bad news. Some have closed permanently. Without the takeaways, many more would have joined.

But the seasons pass and the clouds rise. And after canceling EAT Detroit in 2020 and 2021, we spoke to 2022 restaurateurs and got a brave and grateful thumbs up.

And so, we’re thrilled to announce that this summer, more than 20 of Detroit’s finest and most sought-after restaurants have agreed to participate on August 3, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in the second EAT Detroit event. .

Better late than never.

These 20 restaurants include Baobab Fire, the incredible East African restaurant that was voted the best restaurant of 2022 by the Free Press, as well as the top 10 graduates Barda, the hot new dining spot of Argentinian chef Javier Bardauil, and Supergeil, German for “super cool”, where the Free Press noted that “lamb, beef and chicken are spectacularly seasoned and cooked on upright rotisseries”.

Also this year, the Corktown area, which has exploded into a culinary hot zone, will be a big part of EAT Detroit, with famous restaurants like Slows Bar BQ, Cork & Gabel, Ima and Takoi.

These restaurants will be connected by shuttles that run constantly between groups of others. So you can eat in Corktown, then head to the Whitney, traditionally one of Detroit’s most elegant restaurants, then whiz off for some amazing pizza at Mootz Pizzeria, or the unmistakable vegan coney dogs at Chili’s, Mustard Onions, then continue to Woodward for some Mexican fare at Calexico, then head to Library Street for some of Vicente’s Cuban offerings, then back to Woodward for mouth-watering Townhouse Detroit offerings, then to the famed Prime + Proper steakhouse a few blocks away.

And we haven’t even mentioned the hip, award-winning spots like Gray Ghost, La Lanterna, Leila, Lumen Detroit, Oak and Reel, and La Feria Spanish Tapas.

The award-winning San Morello restaurant, created by celebrity chef Andrew Carmellini, will serve as the centerpiece for a VIP reception at the Shinola Hotel.

There will also be local musical performances at many restaurants.

And we will honor the late Jack Aronson, who through his Garden Fresh company and endless philanthropy fed so many people in Detroit.

All this in one night. Anything to help others.

Come hungry. Do good.

Bring your appetites

Here’s how it works. Tickets are strictly limited to the first 1,000 people, with 750 general admission tickets and 250 at the VIP level.

The $150 general admission ticket gets you the wristband that allows unimpeded access between 14 of the restaurants, starting at 5:30 p.m. You choose the restaurant where you want to start, get your wristband there and off you go.

The $275 VIP ticket gets you access to San Morello’s VIP reception, featuring the music of jazz great Alexander Zonjic, and then full access to over 20 restaurants (VIP-only seats are Baobab Fire, Prime + Proper , Townhouse, Takoi and Barda, for capacity reasons.)

Each restaurant serves three of its specialty dishes to sample, along with a signature drink. You dine and rush from one to the other. (The idea was actually inspired by the Dine and Dash concept created by chef José Andrés in Washington, which I was able to attend in 2018.)

You can even win VIP tickets through a contest run by Free Press at

Now an event of this size does not run on its own. Volunteers play an important role and you will see them everywhere, guiding you, boarding the buses and wearing signature aprons provided by Gordon Food Service, which has returned as a sponsor.

Other sponsors and volunteers would be welcome. We still have time. Interested businesses or volunteers, as well as anyone wishing to purchase tickets, should go to

Tickets will go on sale on this site at 10 a.m. Monday. In 2019, we sold out in less than a day. We hope people will come back with the same enthusiasm. After all, it’s been three years since we could even conceive of doing it again.

So, in the spirit of great food, supporting local businesses, and fostering the resurgence of Detroit’s culinary scene – and most importantly to help needy children, veterans, families, and seniors in our community – we hope you come eat, Detroit, at EAT Detroit on August 3.

Eat, drink, repeat and do good.

How much is it getting better?

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List of participating restaurants at Eat Detroit 2022

* Baobab rate



Chilli Mustard Onions

Liege and Gabel

I’m going

Spanish tapas from the Feria



Lumen Detroit

Mootz Pizzeria + Bar

Oak & Pinwheel

*First + Clean

*San Morello (VIP catering reception at the Shinola Birdy Room)

Slow down the BQ bar



*Detroit Townhouse

Vicente’s Cuban cuisine

The Whitney

*VIP ticket only.

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