Cavalier Diner closing this Sunday –

Longtime customer Nancy Carver says she is heartbroken by the news.

“I wanted to cry. It’s sad. It’s really sad,” Carver said.

Other customers say it’s not just your usual restaurant, it’s a second home.

“We don’t eat out a lot unless we come here,” Michelle Miller said.

“It’s breakfast every Sunday,” Susan Mobley said.

“There’s a lot of rage, like family. Lots of laughter, a lot of rage, family,” waitress Carolyn Andrews said.

She has been a waitress at the restaurant for two and a half years. She says she’s not sure what her future holds.

“I need a husband, a new dog and a job,” Andrews joked.

Restaurant owner Aristea Vlavianos says she and her husband Sal have run the restaurant for 12 years and the closure is not their choice.

“The building has been sold and the new owner doesn’t want a restaurant here. He wants to do something commercial. I don’t know what,” Vlavianos said.

She says her family has been serving meals in Charlottesville for four decades and they love it.

“I’ve met people all over the world, all over the country. The stories I’ve heard, the friendships I’ve made, are what really made this so interesting,” Vlavianos said.

She says it’s not the end for the Cavalier Diner.

“I’m too young to retire, so I’m hoping to find a new place that will support me for five, six, seven years,” Vlavianos said.

“It has to stay open,” Miller said.

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