Calle Sol restaurant brings new winter menu to Charlotte, NC


Calle Sol’s Caliente ceviche is served hot with sweet potatoes, corn and avocado.

Calle Sol Latin Café & Cevicheria, a Charlotte restaurant with a focus on Cuban and Peruvian cuisine, as well as other Latin American flavors, has released new winter menu items.

Executive Chef Paul Cruz centers the menu by drawing inspiration from the culinary cultures of Miami, Tampa and Orlando. He added new appetizers, sandwiches, soups and more.

There is also a new range of cocktails. New choices include:

• Amarillo ‘Rita – Orange juice margarita with silver tequila and aji amarillo peppers

• Brainkiller – Brugal Añejo rum, coconut cream, lime and pineapple

• Fall Fashioned – Bourbon, maple, apple cider and spices.

There is also a new group menu. The restaurant has put together a separate menu for home family evenings, office events, and vacation get-togethers. Items include the restaurant’s familiar Chaufa, Peruvian fried rice and Cuban fried rice, as well as family packs of meats and sides, and sandwich platters.

Here are some highlights from the new winter menu:

Ceviche Caliente (above)

In this hot version of ceviche, the shrimp are sautéed with lime, cilantro, chili peppers, salt and pepper.

Chicken a la Cruz

This Peruvian chicken breast sandwich is topped with avocado, aji mayo, lettuce, red onion and tomato seasoned with lime.

Chicken a la Cruz-1.jpg
Chicken a la Cruz de Calle Sol is available crispy or grilled on a flat top. Courtesy of rue Sol


This ham and bechamel donut is fried until golden on the outside and sticky on the inside.

The Croquetas de la Calle Sol are on his aperitif menu. Courtesy of rue Sol


These Peruvian fries are topped with a crispy hot dog, a fried egg and ketchup, aji amarillo mayonnaise and cilantro aioli.

Salchipapa is a Peruvian version of loaded fries. Courtesy of rue Sol

Salchipapa dog

This version of Salchipapa is a beef hot dog topped with fries, a fried egg, ketchup, mayo, and aji amarillo sauce.

Salchipapa dog-3.jpg
Salchipapa dog from Calle Sol. Courtesy of rue Sol

Spanish bean soup

Spanish chorizo, onion, garlic, roasted red pepper are sautéed with chickpeas and simmered with potatoes in chicken broth and smoked paprika in this hearty soup.

Spanish bean soup-3.jpg
Spanish bean soup from Calle Sol. Courtesy of rue Sol


The Mojo Marinated Beef or Chicken is breaded and fried to order and topped with tomato sauce, ham and melted cheese.

La Milanesa de la Calle Sol is served with rice, beans and sweet plantains. Courtesy of rue Sol

Pollo a la plancha

The chicken breast marinated in Aji panca is grilled on the flat top.

Pollo a la Plancha-4.jpg
The pollo à la plancha is served with papa à la huancaína and homemade aji amarillo aioli. Courtesy of rue Sol

Calle Sol Latin Café and Cevicheria

Location: 1205 Thomas Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205

Neighborhood: Commonwealth


Cuisine: Latin American

Instagram: @callesolcafe

Heidi Finley is a writer and editor for CharlotteFive and the Charlotte Observer. Outside of work, you will most likely find her in the suburbs driving children, volunteering, and indulging in foodie activities.

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