Building the Valley: West Deer’s’ Round the Corner Carryout going up the street to new digs under construction

Six years ago, Steve and Amy Boop decided to turn their work experience in the restaurant business into their own business: a food truck with gourmet wraps. But another opportunity presented itself, just around the corner.

“We had pretty much everything ready for this,” Amy Boop, 35, said of the food truck idea. “Then this building was rented out. “

This building housed the “Round The Corner Carryout” pizzeria. It was no longer working, but the location – at the corner of Saxonburg Boulevard and Bairdford Road in West Deer – was promising. Six months after their wedding, the Boops took up the torch, putting the idea of ​​the food truck on the back burner.

And now, six years later, with an established business, the West Deer couple are hoping that a new opportunity awaits them just up the street. They are constructing a new building for the restaurant which is slated to open by spring 2022.

When they took over ‘Round the Corner, “We kept the name because it fit,” Boop said. “We’re going to keep it when we move because the new location is just on another corner. “

“We have received such a positive reception from this community,” he said. “So now we would like to build a nicer place where we can offer more and have a place where people can come together. “

Boop said the business has grown slowly but steadily since it opened six years ago. Then the coronavirus pandemic struck, and they were in a strategic position.

“A lot of places were closing, but we’re only doing deliveries,” he said. “So they were already set up when the shift went to take out only. “

With no room to expand into their current building, the Boops purchased a 5-acre parcel along Saxonburg Boulevard about a tenth of a mile to construct a new building.

“We need more room for everything,” said Boop. “We don’t have enough space for food preparation, storage or to add additional equipment. We would also like to be able to have a few tables for people who wish to dine there.

The Boops have built a loyal following with mainstays such as traditional and gourmet pizzas, hoagies and salads, as well as daily specials that they manage to produce without the benefit of proper cuisine. Specialties include dishes such as fresh soups, grilled pork chops with a portobello and shallot cream sauce, or a fried chicken breast with beer cheese and seasonal squash rice pilaf .

“My background is in bar food, so I’d love to add things like burgers and a fried chicken sandwich to the menu when we have more room to do it,” said Steve Boop.

The family is hoping that work on the new building will be completed by the spring so they can move into the new space, which will have room for indoor and outdoor dining and parking.

Amy Boop said that although they have received a lot of encouragement from clients, the prospects of acquiring a larger building can still be daunting.

“Getting all the permits we needed took longer than expected,” she said. “But things are progressing. There is progress on the build so we’re really excited to see things start to fall into place. “

The shell of the new building is in place and work to install the metal roof has begun.

Mick Abbott, owner of Abbott Construction in Slippery Rock, said some of the lumber used for the roof of the outdoor dining room comes from the 5-acre site itself.

“We found oak and cherry wood here that we were able to machine into planks,” he said. “It’s not the kind of wood you can buy easily. And even if you could, that would be too expensive for most projects.

“So that’s something good that we were able to do on this project. I think they’re going to have a lot to be proud of when this is done.

Amy Boop looks back on when they started their business. The location had been a dining venue for years – it was the site of a family owned Dineff restaurant for years before it became “Round the Corner” which gave them confidence to start a business there.

“We thought a pizza place could be a good stepping stone for us,” she said.

She said they loved following the progress of the new building by just sticking their heads through the front door of the pizzeria. “It’s kind of exciting to see it increasing day by day.”

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