Biden signs three bills to overturn Trump-era rules


WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed three separate laws that dismantle part of the Trump era, preventing payday lenders from avoiding caps on interest rates, limiting greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse resulting from oil and gas drilling and ending rules on how equality The Employment Opportunities Commission adjudicates claims.

“Each of these rules reflects a return to common sense and a commitment to the common good,” Biden said ahead of the signing, surrounded by congressional leaders who joined him as he turned each resolution into law.

Under former President Donald Trump, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency allowed payday lenders to charge interest rates higher than those allowed by the state. Payday lenders were able to partner with a nationally chartered bank to provide high-cost loans and avoid state usury laws.

The Trump administration has also relaxed the rules on methane emissions from leaks and flares in oil and gas wells.

The Biden administration said in a statement that the EEOC complaints process has increased “the risk of retaliation by making it easier for employers to demand the identity of those with information about illegal discrimination.”

The laws were passed by the House and Senate through the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn some recently established regulations.

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